New Orleans Top Outdoor Activities To Enjoy

Spring and Summer are great seasons for New Orleans. This is because the weather is great and you can have a lot of outdoor fun. Temperatures can be a little high but if the skies are clear, you will still have a great time. Outdoor activities available in New Orleans are quite attractive for both tourists and locals. However, not much is known about what can be done. Here are some simple suggestions.

City Park Outdoor Fun

City Park Outdoor Fun

City Park is right in the middle of the city. What few people know is that this public space is actually around 50 percent larger than the well-known Central park in New York City. During summer and spring you will find sports team that practice, people that play golf, children that have fun and even botanical gardens that are filled with visitors. The area is thus highly recommended for families and one of the best areas to visit in New Orleans. You can have so much fun here and if you want to take some time off, look at the New Orleans Museum Of Art.

Check Out The Lakefront


The Mississippi flows through New Orleans but you may want to consider a visit to another body of water, Lake Pontchartrain. Here you can enjoy many interesting activities like paddleboarding, sailing and fishing. Even if you do not have a boat this is something that you can enjoy. You can cover over 600 square miles of water.

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Those that do not really want to be on the water can simply go at a lakefront restaurant. Sailboats can be seen passing by and the sunsets here are particularly beautiful. Dinner can easily be grabbed at around 6 in order to see that beautiful sunset.

Audubon Zoo Walks

Audubon Zoo Walks

Do you want to enjoy something a little bit wilder in New Orleans, literally? All that you have to do is go on Magazine Street and then visit Audubon Park in the uptown area. The distance from downtown is 6 miles away and the main attraction to consider is Audubon Zoo. Both adults and kids love what is offered there. You will want to seriously consider looking at Monkey Hill if you visit and many attractions are available here. Since you visit the zoo, make sure that you also visit The Fly. This is a great place for a picnic, for some time in the sun and generally to relax a little. This is a green space that is located on Mississippi River’s banks.

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