Sydney Sailing Guide – How To Make The Most Of The Trip

Sydney is one of the main travel destinations around the world. This city has so many interesting places that can be visited and you will surely appreciate all that it offers since there are activities available for absolutely all possible tastes.

At the moment there are dozens of different options when thinking about how you visit this Australian city. One of them is rarely discussed and that is what we will mention at the moment.

When people talk about Sydney they mainly mention Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Both of these locations are great to visit through sailing. You can easily discover some of the city’s main attractions when you are on a sailing cruise. This does include Sydney Harbour and most of the cruises will start from Darling Harbour at King Street Wharf. Alternatively, you can also start from Circular Quay, which is either adjacent or opposite the Opera House.

Options Available

When referring to sailing in Sydney, there are various opportunities that are available. You have access to different cruise types that can include deep sea fishing close to Sydney Heads, a lot of jazz music, luxury amenities, trips that teach you how to sail and much more. There are even some sailing cruises that have themes, with the pirate theme being one of the most attractive at the moment.

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What Can You See On A Sailing Cruise In Sydney?

The bridge is obviously a huge attraction when sailing in Sydney, just as the Opera House is but there are many others that you can consider. For instance, you can see and explore so many little islands when sailing. Those that are often included in cruises include Shark Island, Rodd Island, Clark Island and Cockatoo Island.

You will often find yourself passing by Ford Denison. This is a naval base that is quite spectacular. In fact, these views are a big part of the reason why so many individuals want to enjoy a sailing cruise to explore Sydney. One thing that many do not know is that Ford Denison was actually a really popular fishing location that was used by aboriginal people. In the year 1857 we saw the name being adopted.

Sydney Harbour is a part of a special national park system that aims to protect islands, onshore areas and waterways. Those sites included in Sydney Harbour National Park are Manly to the Spit, South Head, Bradleys Head, harbour islands and North Head.

A huge reason why sailing can be considered is that the locations we talked about were actually a part of a system that protected the region against invasions. This means that a lot of history is available and you will see many forts and canons while on the cruise. If you love history, it is something that you want to take into account.

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