Great Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In Nevada

Great Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In NevadaNevada is a part of the US that is so often misunderstood. So many misconceptions exist with most people just thinking about Las Vegas. Nevada has a lot more to offer and the truth is that you will surely love a visit in the event that you are a nature lover. This will clearly be visible by looking at the list of the great outdoor activities to enjoy in Nevada.

Go Wild Mustang Watching

Wild Mustang Watching

In Nevada you can easily see many wild mustangs. Close to 20,000 mustangs can be found in the state. You can also see many burros right here. Many herds are visible on State Route 375 and Highway 50 (commonly referred to as the Loneliest Road In America). Nevada has 87 herd management regions and it is possible to book wild mustang tours at around $25.

Caving Under The Great Basin

Caving Under The Great Basin

The Great Basin National Park is renowned for its scenery and the dark, starry night sky. While that in itself is a great attraction for many, especially campers, the real travel attraction here will be found underground. You will want to visit the Lehman Caves, discovered in the year 1885 and hollowed right out of marble and limestone around 550 million years in the past. Because of the wonders of nature, tourists can now see spectacular, ancient stalagmites, flowstone, helictites, stalactites, rare shield formations and popcorn shield formations.

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You will only be allowed to visit when you are accompanied by the park ranger. This means you will need to be on a guide. 3 tours are now available. They range from 1 hour to 90 minutes.

Visiting The Lunar Crater

The Lunar Crater

Many do not know this but many of the movies that have their setting on the Moon are actually filmed in the Nevada Desert. The entire US West is offering landscapes that are out of this world. Lunar Crater is a Volcanic Field that stands out as a national natural landmark. It actually appeared around 2 million years ago, now housing lava fields, cinder cones, ash piles, extinct volcanoes and huge fissures. Lunar Crater is practically the main part of the region, being a deep hole (130 meters) that looks a lot like the impact site of a meteor.

Lake Tahoe Paddleboarding

Lake Tahoe Paddleboarding

Lake Tahoe is perfectly located in a beautiful basin between Nevada and California. This is a great gem of this state. You can get out on the waters in many different ways. People that visit can easily rent sailboats, canoes and kayaks. However, what is really popular at the moment is paddleboarding (also referred to as SUP-ing). It is not at all difficult to learn this activity if you never tried it before and lessons are available on-site.

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Hickison Petroglyphs Ancient Rocks

Hickison Petroglyphs Ancient Rocks

Native Americans used to live in the region known as Great basin. This was a long time before the US appeared. There is an area known as Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area. It is located on Highway 50 and once you visit, you will feel as if you are in another world.  Make sure that you explore views of Toyabe Range, which is the longest Nevada mountain range. Just make sure that you take water with you since you are going to need it on the hike. That is something that some people do not know.

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