Things to Do in New York City

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No matter if you are local looking for new experiences or an international traveller visiting for just a short stayover, NYC is full of things to see and do – from exploring Central Park to sampling soup dumplings in Chinatown! Below are our recommendations of things to see and do while here.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is my go-to attraction when visiting New York. As America’s premier art gallery, its central park location makes it easily accessible.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building stands as one of New York City’s most beloved architectural landmarks and draws millions of visitors each year. Admired for its Art Deco design that stands the test of time and still impresses audiences today with its symmetry, vertical emphasis, and simple yet powerful aesthetic, millions visit annually just to experience its magnificence! Though most tourists visit for its observatories on floors 86th and 102nd, there is so much more to see and do at the Empire State Building!

Make the most of your visit by purchasing tickets in advance online; this will save money and reduce wait time at attractions. Make sure to visit the second floor “Story of an Icon” museum, recently redesigned to feature interactive exhibits about iconic New York figures such as Al Capone or William Wallace; in addition, consider booking a premium experience package that allows you to skip-the-line on both floors (86th & 102nd floors).

Central Park should be at the top of every tourist’s must-see list when visiting NYC, offering endless hours of relaxation on a hot day, people-watching, exploring romantic hideaways or riding your bike through its expansive green spaces. Plus there is so much public art and historical architecture to take in!

New York City offers sports fans of all stripes an abundance of professional and college teams to enjoy, including the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets as well as Giants and Jets! Find one to root for in one of the many stadiums all around town!

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Central Park

Central Park is an iconic New York attraction and a much-beloved green space for both residents and tourists. Spanning 843 acres, this treasure trove in Manhattan is known for its lush lawns, fountains, walking paths, trees, picnic spots, as well as its incredible array of activities such as concerts and theater performances, annual Winter Jam festival.

The park also contains many unexpected treasures you might not expect to discover, such as an abandoned hospital that was once one of NYC’s most haunted sites and offers guided tours through its remaining walls and foundation (though be warned: they may reveal some disturbing details).

For those in search of more literary pursuits, visit the New York Public Library in Midtown. Not only can visitors enjoy books here and take an enjoyable escalator ride – the library also holds an incredible collection of movie memorabilia, such as some from Jim Henson himself!

Another must-do in New York City is to lace up your skates and experience one of its famed outdoor ice rinks! Whether it’s the iconic Wollman Rink or more relaxed Lasker Rink, skating through Central Park will make for an unforgettable experience.

Bird watching enthusiasts will also love this park; bring along binoculars to spot any of the more than 250 bird species that call this home.

The Met

If you appreciate art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City should be on your itinerary. With works spanning centuries and from every corner of the globe – Egyptian mummies to old European armor and classical sculpture – its vast gallery offers something for every art enthusiast to enjoy. Don’t miss out on unique New York experiences like visiting its library (which houses exploration-related treasures including one from Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki expedition), or spending some time in its top floor Gallery!

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The Statue of Liberty is one of the world’s most beloved landmarks and an iconic image in New York. Gifted from France in 1886, its copper statue welcomed millions of immigrants arriving during late 19th and early 20th century arrivals. For an in-depth exploration of immigrant experiences visit Ellis Island as well.

If museums are your thing, New York’s Museum Mile offers some of the world’s most acclaimed. Here you’ll find iconic institutions such as Guggenheim, Metropolitan Art Gallery (MET) and Cooper Hewitt among many others.

New York is well-known for its world-class artists, which can be witnessed at venues like Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall. You may even catch one of their performances by the philharmonic or MET Opera while visiting. Enjoying live entertainment in New York offers an experience you won’t get anywhere else!


Broadway is one of New York City’s most iconic streets, home to some of the world’s best known theaters and plays, known as The Great White Way. No matter your taste in entertainment – be it musicals, plays or movie adaptations – Broadway will offer something suitable.

Experience New York City’s Theater District like never before by visiting at night when all 40 Broadway theaters come alive with performances! This vibrant district offers something different in each one, so come prepared to be delighted by your visit to NYC’s vibrant Theater District!

Shows on Broadway that are particularly beloved include Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Moulin Rouge and Wicked. Attending one of these iconic productions should be on everyone’s itinerary when traveling to New York City; their magical experience will leave lasting memories in their wake.

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Broadway boasts an extensive history of drama, comedy and music that spans over one hundred years. Although its fortunes have wavered throughout its existence, Broadway remains the center of American theatre – many popular shows on its stages have gone on to become internationally acclaimed and featured in films or on television.

Broadway can be hard to navigate without local knowledge, but with some research and the New York spirit you can easily become a Broadway veteran in no time! Just make sure that you arrive early as theaters fill quickly; latecomers may be refused seating. Also be wary when buying tickets on the street as some sellers may sell fake or expired tickets.


If you love an exciting escape game, this NYC hidden gem offers the perfect adrenaline rush! Set in the center of Manhattan’s financial district lies an escape room featuring high-tech puzzles as well as traditional ones; all in all the experience takes about 60 minutes and tickets can be booked here.

Visit the Queens Museum of Art for an exquisite experience that stands apart from everything else NYC offers. The museum houses an uncannily accurate city-model used for the 1964 World’s Fair; plus, it is less touristy than Times Square! So definitely give this hidden gem a look when visiting NYC.

Be sure not to miss the incredible street art found throughout this city, which decorates many walls and subway cars. It truly defines this incredibly cool, quirky city!

Do not miss Davelle! This Instagram-worthy eatery serves up some of the most irresistible toast in NYC – plus, its design pays homage to traditional Japanese tea and coffee shops known as kissaten! Make sure you visit it!

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