Top 4 Surfing Spots in Mexico

Mexico boasts over 7000 kilometers of coastline and offers world-class surfing spots for surfers of all abilities, from world-famous beach breaks to “secret” local areas that remain unexplored by other surfers. Mexico truly has something for everyone!

Expert surfers can find challenging waves at Playa Zicatela – better known as the Mexican Pipeline – or Matanchen Break in San Blas, and Pascuales River Mouth Break near Colima.


California has long been a premier surfing destination, while Mexico’s Pacific beaches provide an idyllic retreat from the crowds. Most beaches in Mexico remain unspoiled and offer ample opportunity for learning how to surf – with Cuyutlan home to Playa Los Pinos offering smaller waves that are suitable for beginners as well as boasting its own marine park and being frequented by sea turtles, making this beach perfect for both novices and experts.

Ensenada surfers are known for being hard-core enthusiasts. Although Ensenada itself has grown into a bustling resort town, you’re sure to find quiet beach spots ideal for serious surfers nearby in Todos Santos; home to several top-of-the-line surfing schools as well as boutique hotels and beachside bungalows offering long stays. In 2011, Todos Santos even earned itself the status as World Surfing Reserve designation!

If you’re seeking something a bit more challenging, Boca de Pascuales offers one of Mexico’s toughest beach breaks: an experience-hugging spot known for producing hollow tubes up to 30 feet tall! Although Boca is hard to access, the reward will make the effort worth your while!

Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido offers advanced surfers a world-renowned beach break, which hosted a major big wave competition not so long ago. Although its waves can sometimes become immense, most days they remain small enough for all levels of surfer – although it would be prudent to bring an extra board as this particular wave has been known to break boards in half! Winter offers optimal conditions.

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Surfers flock to this glamorous resort town on Mexico’s west coast since its establishment as an adventure Mecca during the early 60s. Acapulco boasts its own surfing school offering board hire and expert tuition as well as hotels and villas to meet every budget. While its waves might not compare with some other spots on this list, Acapulco still attracts plenty of swell and makes a good place for novice surfers.

Head further north and you’ll discover Sayulita in Nayarit, an idyllic surf-haven perfect for beginners. The waves here are gentle yet soft enough for anyone to catch them easily; plus the laid-back beach vibe and charming posadas make this destination the ideal spot for relaxation after long days spent paddling out into the waves.

Between October and March is typically the ideal time for visiting, when waves tend to be smaller and less crowded, providing beginner surfers an ideal environment in which they can hone their skills in calm waters. However, it’s important to keep in mind that conditions can quickly change and that water temperature drops quickly at times.

Rosarito offers experienced surfers an ideal destination, thanks to its powerful right-hand point break wave. Surfable at almost any tide level and suitable for variable wind conditions, Rosarito also lies close to Puerto Vallarta where there is a wide range of accommodation available – from inexpensive hostels to lavish villas.

Puerto Escondido, located near Oaxaca City in Mexico’s Oaxacan State, is another Oaxacan surfing hotspot. Perfect for all skill levels and used as the location for big wave competitions several years ago, Puerto Escondido features waves that reach up to 6ft high on rare days out of the year – great fun beach break for all levels of surfing!

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Town is an ideal base from which to explore its surrounding countryside, which features sand dunes and mangrove forests. There are a few good restaurants and bars for you to choose from and locals are warmly welcoming – renting a car allows you to access other surf spots in Mexico’s northwest region.


Surfers come to Ensenada for its idyllic beaches, breathtaking waves and vibrant culture. Aside from surfing, visitors can also take part in local cuisine and wineries and outdoor adventures such as kayaking, biking and hiking.

San Miguel Beach Break, eight miles north of Ensenada town center, is widely considered to be one of the peninsula’s top surfing spots. This right hand point break attracts experienced surfers searching for challenging waves.

Visitors who are unfamiliar with how to approach this challenging spot should seek lessons or hire a guide as soon as they arrive in order to better learn the waves, while ensuring their own safety – particularly with strong rip currents in play, which requires great caution and expertise when traversing these rugged coastlines.

Experienced surfers may want to check out Salsipuedes, a famous left and right-hand point break with a rocky bottom. Although this popular surf spot may become overcrowded during peak season, you should still find sufficient waves for your next surfing adventure!

Surfing in Ensenada is an enjoyable activity enjoyed by both beginners and experts, thanks to its consistent swells and beautiful scenery. With its rugged coastline of rocky points and cliffs offering ideal conditions for surfing year-round. Furthermore, water temperatures remain consistent all year long – providing ideal conditions for surfing enthusiasts of all skill levels to experience the waves!

Ensenada offers numerous surf shops that provide rentals of various surfboard types. If you prefer more personalized instruction, several private instructors also provide personalized lessons tailored to all levels of surfing experience – beginners to experts alike will surely have a memorable time on its waves!

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Punta Mita

Punta Mita lies at the northern edge of Banderas Bay and features surf breaks on all three sides; offering surfers plenty of swell windows for their surfing endeavors. No wonder surfers flock here!

Surfing in Punta Mita offers beginners and intermediate surfers alike an amazing surfing experience, as there are multiple wonderful beaches for practice as well as numerous breakpoints dotted by palm trees. Additionally, its picturesque surroundings will delight the eye.

La Lancha Beach Break is one of the most beloved surf spots in town, providing a gentle beach break ideal for lessons and longboarders alike. Additionally, La Lancha is popular among surf schools from PV to Sayulita so on weekends and afternoons it can become quite crowded with students from both. Stinky’s Reef Break provides another popular spot suited to shortboarders due to its punchy reef break action which works with most swell directions and boasts its own distinct vibe.

Litibu Beach is another lesser-known surf spot that can provide some quality surfing on specific days. A strong swell is necessary to maximize its potential, yet even on average days it offers long rides.

Punta Mita boasts some additional surf spots such as El Faro, which boasts powerful waves that create incredible barrels. Ideal for experienced surfers but be wary of sharp coral reefs beneath the water!

Stingray Point offers another pleasant point break option that works on most swell directions and produces long rides. Although tucked between some mangroves, once found it’s an amazing spot for surfing while taking in the scenery.


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