Experiencing Outdoor Skating Rinks In Toronto

If you are in Toronto during winter, you have to check at least one of the amazing outdoor skating rinks in the city. You don’t have to be an experienced skater to enjoy this outdoor winter activity, you just need to love ice skating in fresh winter air.

Nathan Phillips Square Rink

Nathan Phillips Square is situated in front of City Hall and it is a loved ice skating destination for those who like to meet new people that share the love for ice skating. The place can get pretty crowded but the fun is definitely worth the effort of skating around many people.

When to visit: Nathan Philips Square is usually open from the end of November until the end of March.

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Mel Lastman Square Rink

Those who prefer to skate in the city center, and not to head downtown only for a few hours of fun, should check out Mel Lastman Square. Ice skating lovers will be able to enjoy public skating sessions, kids hockey sessions and adults hockey at this location. Also, Mel Lastman Square has changing rooms and a refreshment bar for those who need a break after a serious ice skating session.

When to visit: Mel Lastman Square is usually open from the end of November until the end of March.

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Natrel Rink

Natrel Rink is part of Harbourfront Centre and it is more than the typical outdoor rink that offers only a few options for those who want to stay warm during their ice-skating breaks, the rink has its own bar & grill. Natrel Rink is also popular for the free rink by the lake and for its DJ skate night, a Saturday evening event when ice skating is combined with a nightclubbing atmosphere.

When to visit: Natrel Rink usually opens during mid-November.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park Rink

Colonel Samuel Smith Park has a rustic and unique skating rink. The 250 meters long and ½ meters wide trail runs in a figure eight shape around trees. The park is also a great place for hikers who want to test Colonel Samuel Smith Park’s trail network and there is also a dog off-leash area where dog owners can play with their beloved pets.

When to visit: Colonel Samuel Smith Park is usually open from the end of November until the end of March.

Evergreen Bricks Works Rink

Evergreen Bricks Works is one of the most family friendly rinks in Toronto. Families with children are more than welcome to test the rink and Evergreen provides safety helmets for all children and teenagers.

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When to visit: Evergreen Bricks Works Rink is usually open from the beginning of December until the end of March.

Cedarvale Park Rink

Cedarvale Park has an artificial ice rink people can enjoy when visiting the park. There is also the possibility of skating indoor for those who want to avoid the cold winter weather, at the Phil White Arena. A walk around the park after a skating session is highly recommended since the park’s paths look incredibly beautiful when they are covered in snow.

When to visit: Cedarvale Park Rink is usually open from the beginning of December until February.

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