When In Paris, Try Beer Crafting

Everyone knows France loves wine but few know that craft beer is pretty big in the country. In Paris you can find so many local brewing options that will make all beer lovers feel great. If you are among them, you can easily enjoy the experience as there are over one thousand micro-brasseries and a great beer scene. If you want to try something truly rare in the capital of France, here are some options you surely want to consider.

La Cave A Bulles

Simon Thillou, a craft beer specialist, opened La Cave A Bulles exactly when the biere artisanale movement started. You can find hundreds of different beers here with the vast majority being local. To make matters even more interesting, when visiting you can learn a lot about what is new and what is old in the local French beer scene. Tasting sessions are available or you can just drop by for chatting.

Bap Bap

The motto of this Paris central microbrewery is “brewed in Paris, drunk in Paris”. There are 5 storyes of great things to do here. You can experience everything related to artisanal beer except grain growing. This includes bottling, fermenting, brewing and even malt crushing. Guided tours are highly recommended so that you can see the craft beer startup in all its splendor. There is also a boutique where you can buy some beer for home. It is recommended to consider Vertigo IPA, a distinctive craft beer featuring 3 hops and 6 malts. Most of the beer made here is sold at the Paris La Fine Mousse bar, which is another destination to seriously consider.

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Paname Brewing Company

If you are looking for brewpubs in the capital, they are quite rare. However, this one is perfect located on the Villette basin. There is a really spacious terrace present in a nineteenth century warehouse that stands out as a very popular hangout for those that love craft beer. Food will be available and if you are looking for a very special beer, Casque d’Or should be considered. It is brewed with orange rind, candied ginger and French hops.


Outland is relatively new in Paris. It opened in the early part of 2017 and stands out as a novelty. It is a microbrewery located in the east Paris suburbs. Outland is working together with Le Trois 8, offering a really interesting American taproom in the middle of France. There are around 12 beers offered on tap. 8 of them are offered by Outland and 4 are French guest beers. If you are looking for an orange porter or a classic saison, they are available here. At Le Trois 8 you will find a lot of rock and roll and a very great atmosphere.

Le Supercoin

Such a local beer bar is going to be appreciated by every single person that loves craft beer. Supercoin is really cozy, a spot that is easy going and that stands out as the best value beer joint you can find in Paris. Even if you can only get 3 tap beers (a Plisener and 2 French craft beers), all is so carefully curated that you are not going to care about it. Food is not available but you are allowed to order pizza or even bring your own cooked food from home.

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