Peak Bagging in Colorado

Peak bagging represents an activity in the case of which mountaineers and hill walkers try to reach the summit of a certain group of peaks which in most cases feature the same height in a certain region or which have a special feature that characterizes them or sets them apart from others.

Main targets in peak bagging

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In the case of peak bagging, the main targets are represented by the peaks of various mountains or certain hills and the most popular lists include certain specific features which characterize those chosen to be on such a list. Such features refer to height, prominence, special features and other such characteristics.

The main goal in the case of peak bagging is that of reaching the highest possible point in a certain geographic area on the map no matter whether that might be the peak or not. It should also be noted that peak bagging is different from high pointing.

Peak bagging in Colorado

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Colorado represents an amazing area to consider when talking about peak bagging. This is mainly because there are various peaks there which will certainly be found on the list of any peak bagger. There are approximately 53 peaks which are 14.000 ft. in height or even more than that and which make climbing become a real art.

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Being so close to such altitudes certainly offers peak baggers a great experience represented by the amazing view from the top of the mountain, by the great adrenaline rush felt when the mountain peak has been reached and by the joy of simply being there at that moment. There is no similar feeling to that of reaching the summit of a great mountain peak in Colorado.

Places where peak bagging is practiced in Colorado

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Colorado is one of the perfect locations for peak bagging due to its numerous locations where peak bagging can be done. The Centennial State is the one that makes it quite easy to establish certain bagging goals which involve various types of trips in the area.

The Centennials is certainly the main goal for peak baggers in the area. It features the highest mountain peaks in Colorado and the view and the experience of climbing these peaks is absolutely amazing. It is highly recommended to those who are motivated enough and to those passionate about peak bagging in general.

Records in peak bagging in Colorado

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There are numerous people in love with nature and its mountains and who thus love practicing peak bagging in Colorado and other famous areas from around the world. There are even certain records registered among those who do this quite often and who have certain goals established for themselves.

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The record for climbing the amazing mountain peaks from Colorado is represented by an amazing period of time of only 10 days and 20 hours. This is absolutely amazing if we remember that we are talking about no less than 53 mountain peaks of 14.000 ft. or more in height.

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