What’s so special about white water rafting in Paraguay?

Traveling is one of the best way to discover the world, yourself and what you can do in various types of situations, but in the last 10 years, river rafting has taken up normal traveling because it offers an incredible experience apart from the sights and the places one might discover in a certain area of the globe. There are so many incredible places that a person can discover while rafting down a river.

Where To Go?

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Paraguay. This should be your next destination and not because of the fact that you will find it in the top 3 searches on Google, because you won’t. You will choose Paraguay due to the fact that there is little information about this particular country on the web and the fact that is not that popular makes it far more interesting.

There are testimonials about this place that talk about a land that is surrounded and crossed by many rivers, has a great deal of lakes, wetlands and lagoons and many more. The fact that it’s so diverse it has been considered bit of Haven for all the nature enthusiasts out there. One last think to mention here is the fact that most of the biodiversity has not been touched by humans, they have tried to disturb it at a minimal level.

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Is It Difficult?

paraguay white water rafting

Given the fact that this particular area hasn’t been touched by mankind, one might think that the rivers here are quite dangerous and people shouldn’t adventure too deep in the country. The reality is a little bit different as there have been many rafters that have gone through the rivers in Paraguay and many of the talk about an intermediary difficult when it comes to handling, orientation and of course paddling.

So, one might say that it is mandatory to have a little bit of experience before heading down the rivers here. Additionally, the equipment needed depends on the area of the country you are choosing to visit, but one should do a little bit of research regarding the difficulty of the rivers and how well prepared one needs to be. The best way to do is to ask the company that provides the tours on how difficult the terrain is and what should you bring with you in order to handle yourself there.


Given the fact that there are some people who practice river rafting as a hobby, it’s mandatory to mention that training is a must when it comes to a river raft in Paraguay. Your body needs to be prepared to face all the work, the effort and the lack of energy that you might experience during the trip.

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Being prepared means training your body at a reasonable level in order to be able to face any type of situation that might arise. The waters can be quite unpredictable and so can the weather so you need to be prepared to row if there is a storm and you need to find shelter.

This isn’t meant to scare you off, but to get you to understand that this is an incredible journey, but it has its perks.

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