Experience Volcano Boarding In Nicaragua

If you are looking for an adrenaline filled vacation, Nicaragua might have exactly what you are looking for. The Cerro Negro volcano has been a huge attraction for many because of volcano boarding. Remember that we are talking about a volcano that did erupt 23 times since the mid 1800s so that in itself makes your blood boil.

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Volcano Boarding

Volcano boarding is a relatively new sport. It involves the boarder sliding down a volcano with the use of a wooden sled. While many of the Nicaraguans do not even consider doing it, a lot of thrill-seekers from various countries are attracted.

This sport was invented by Australian Darryn Webb. He did climb the Cerro Negro volcano in the year 2006 (a height of 2,400 feet) and was looking for a better, faster way to go down.

The problem is that most people think this is a really easy sport. In theory, it is similar to snowboarding and you get rid of the cold. However, those that try it will always tell you that it is a lot tougher than it seems. You should not try it if you are not good at snowboarding and you are not in good physical shape.

Webb basically experimented with various different equipment options in order to go down the volcanic ash layer. He tried boogie boards and mattresses. In the end he settled for plywood boards that were reinforced with the use of Formica and metal.

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The Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding Experience

Volcano boarding will get you to the bottom of the Cerro Negro at speeds that sometimes reach 50 miles per hour. Till now there were tens of thousands of different backpackers and even people that came to Nicaragua for a vacation and that tried it. The popularity was so high that various travel agencies actually started to offer trips to those that were interested in volcano boarding.

Do not expect really fancy boards. The ones you will use are quite rudimentary. Their edges are really rough since the materials utilized are really strong and sturdy. Feet are kept in their place with the use of nylon straps. You will need specialized footwear.

In order to reach the top of Cerro Negro you will need to go through a trek of around 45 minutes. This in itself is a wonderful experience that you will surely appreciate and you do not need to necessarily go volcano boarding. However, this should be considered.

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Tips For Volcano Boarding In Nicaragua

The first thing that you need to understand is that you should not actually to try snowboarding. Volcano boarding is derived from snowboarding but that does not mean you can use the same techniques. The boards are different and the terrain will also demand something different. The most important thing is to face your weight towards the volcano. Rotate the knees and the shoulders to the left and then to the right so you can go down the volcano.

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