Why Do People Choose To Go Orienteering In Romania?

One of the reasons why orienteering has become such a popular type of activity around the world is the fact that people get the chance to discover places, mountains, forests, and the wildlife of a certain country. There are many individuals who have fallen in love with countries they never heard of before due to a orienteering race or competition that took place in that specific country. One such example is Romania, a beautiful country in East of Europe, where the landmarks, the terrain and even the mountains or the forest are an incredible place to discover.


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When talking about the orienteering activities that one might do when it comes to Romania, there is a wide diversity of choices due to the variety of terrains and type of activities. For example, one might choose orienteering with a mountain bike, others may love the winter season and go for ski orienteering and finally, there are some who are simple fond of running and enjoy it very much.

The diversity comes from the different areas where orienteering races are held. Due to the fact that Romania has an Orienteering Federation, organizing events and races has become a serious job for them. Given the fact that the country offers them a lot of prospects, the races take place in different areas like: the mountains of Maramures or the hills in Transilvania or even the forests in Bucovina.

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Find A Club

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Additionally here, given the fact that the federation is formed out of clubs and associations that practice orienteering, finding a club will not be that hard. It’s not mandatory to be part of a club, but if you want to enhance your experience, share it with others and even compete for the honor and prestige of the club, you should know that you have options.

There are a lot of foreigners that have joined Romanian orienteering clubs due to the possibilities that they have been offered and the chance to compete in some of the most interesting races that this country has to offer.

The Costs Are Small

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One other interesting aspect to be highlighted here is the fact that the competitions and the races have very small entering fees. For example, there is the ultra-long mountain biking orienteering contest in Maramures and the taxes are about $3 per each contestant and $6 for the ones that are working in teams. It isn’t just a singular event, the price range varies, but it doesn’t go further than $20 and that is the fee for the very complex races.

As you can see, this is the type of activity that takes you to places you have never seen before and with not much of a cost. You can always check out more about Romania and what it has to offer, apart from the Dracula legend. It’s a beautiful country that will give you a great impression and so will the people. Why don’t you give it a try?

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