Scuba Diving In St. Lucia

Summer is one of the most popular seasons among people in the whole world because they have they can enjoy the sun, the blue skies, the sea, traveling and other activities that are only available during the summer days (and nights). There are many popular destinations in the world as more and more people choose to discover new places even if they are 5,000 miles far from their homes.

St. Lucia

This is an incredible destination due to the fact that it’s considered to be one of the pearls of the Caribbean Sea, alongside Barbados and St. Vincent. People come here to enjoy an incredible sight, have a great deal of activities and enjoy one of the most comfortable resorts in the world. There are many testimonials that talk about the beauty of this place, the wildlife and how nature has developed in this particular climate. It’s Haven on earth and once you’ve been there, you’ll fall in love with it as well.

Scuba Diving

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One of the most popular activities that has made St. Lucia very well known throughout the globe is scuba diving. This is because of the incredible water wildlife that the island has to offer. For example, the Anse Chastanaet reef, a place that consists of over 150 different types of fish and other types of beautiful plants. It sinks at a depth of more than 140ft.

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This is a place that should be first visited by any guest as it is a simple type of activity that doesn’t imply any major effort. Basically, this is the dive that allows the newcomers to feel comfortable with the equipment, to get them adjusted with how everything works and most importantly, to get a sense that this type of activity is not that scary and it can be done by everyone.

You Must See The Wreck

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One other popular sight that has been chosen by many tourists is the Lesleen M wreck that is located in the north region of the dive center. The place can be reached by boat as it only takes 15 minutes. The ship sunk in 1986 as part of a project that aimed to provide artificial reefs. The great thing about this particular wreck is the wildlife that has covered it over the years. The diver can enjoy a combination of sponges, soft corals in various colors and even hydroids. This particular combination has created a spectacular home for various types of fish.

A Night Dive

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Lastly, this is the most popular type of activity that people enjoy when it comes to scuba diving. Even if it might sound scary and cold, the professional guides assure any new divers that they have the chance to experience some of the creatures that don’t come out during the day. The sea is quite lovely in terms of temperature during the night, despite the popular belief that it might be cold. This can be one of the best experiences in your trip if you sign up for it.

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