Orienteering In London – What Should You Know?

As many people are aware, orienteering is one of the best outdoor sports that one individual may hope for due to its diversity, spectacular combination of activities and the sense of independence and survival. The greatest thing about this type of sport is the fact that it can be done by people of all ages, with various types of abilities and even from different cultures or backgrounds.

It’s For All Ages

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It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager, an accountant or even a swimmer, the outdoor experience will test your abilities, your strengths and weaknesses and your entire body. The aim of the challenge is to complete the quest in the smallest time possible.

There are many races organized almost every weak and many of them are created in the countryside (the forests and the mountains are very popular), but there are cases when the streets and parks of London are just filled with enthusiasts for this type of adventure.

Additionally here, every beginner should know that the races reach about 150-350 runners depending on the type of the event, the level of navigation technical difficulty and even the weather. Many people have got used to the weather in London and how it changes over the day, but there are certain situations in the forest when the weather can come as quite a difficulty factor.

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Find A Community

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It has been proven that people are social creatures and therefore they enjoy activities that imply other people. That is the reason why most orienteering enthusiasts join clubs and associations. The most incredible thing about such a community is the fact that you can share your experiences, you can compete with others and see where you stand and finally, you can be motivated when you don’t finish as you intended to.

What Else Do You Need?

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There are many types of gears that you can choose from when it comes to suiting up for an orienteering event. Specialists talk about a minimum equipment that covers the following items:

  • Running shoes – they need to have a good grip for various types of terrains.
  • Long running trousers and bashers – to keep you safe from brambles.
  • Orienteering compass – to help you find your way around the race.
  • Emit card – this will “check you in” at every control point to prove that you’ve been there.
  • A map with your courses – this will be provided at the beginning of every race.
  • Cash – every race as an entering fee which varies from £5-£15 depending on the size of the event. If you are part of an orienteering club, there are some discounts in order, you just need to check it with the club.
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This is that type of adventure that people choose in order to test their skills, their abilities, and their capacity of endurance. Additionally, this is a great way to discover a country, to see what beautiful landmarks and sights it has and most importantly, it can help an individual discover more about his own inner strengths.

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