Planning Your Spring Break Safely

No matter whether students want to enjoy spring break by traveling or staying home and catching up on homework, keeping safety top of mind should always be top of mind. Here are some helpful safety tips from OHSU Doernbecher experts.

Students should begin by searching for the best offers. Flights departing Tuesday or Wednesday tend to be cheaper than Friday or Saturday departures.

Get a Head Start

this year will see hundreds of thousands of students travel to popular Spring Break destinations around the globe, taking advantage of sandy beaches, tropical drinks and relaxed inhibitions to consume high levels of alcohol – which could result in increased safety risks such as muggings or drunk driving if unplanned activities go amiss – but careful planning can ensure a fun yet safe Spring Break trip experience.

Start early if you want your spring break to bring maximum fun and satisfaction – this way you can take advantage of sales on airfare, hotels and activities while giving yourself enough time to research CDC travel recommendations for your destination and update all routine vaccines as soon as possible.

Planning your spring break requires creating an accurate budget that covers every expense associated with it. Doing this will prevent overspending or falling into debt that would put a damper on the trip and can also help determine which aspects are more affordable or which areas could use some savings.

If you want a big Spring Break adventure but worry about its financial costs, volunteering could be the perfect solution. Not only can volunteering make an impactful statement about who you are in your community while being fun and making new connections; many organizations need extra help during Spring Break! You are sure to find one that meets your criteria!

Parents with school age children often find spring break a hectic and stressful period. There are various strategies available to them to reduce this strain such as trading childcare days with other parents, hiring a sitter or nanny and working out a shared custody arrangement – these will all ensure your kids enjoy their spring break without too much parental stress.

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Take Stock of Your Interests

Prioritizing your interests can help you select an ideal spring break destination. Skiers might prefer Colorado while beachgoers could prefer Florida. Furthermore, selecting an appropriate place with friends allows for discounted excursions such as snorkeling trips or sunset cruises; and you may even earn rewards through booking such activities such as Chase Ultimate Rewards!

As part of your spring break preparations, it’s also crucial that you consider your budget when determining where to travel. Unplanned expenditures like drinks and clothing purchases can quickly add up, so establishing an established spending limit before embarking on your vacation is necessary in order to maximize its enjoyment and make your dream trip come true.

If you’re planning a group vacation, designate one person as the “Spring Break Leader.” They should be responsible for purchasing flights, hotels and other travel arrangements on behalf of everyone in the group and managing communication effectively among everyone involved. By designating someone as Spring Break Leader early enough in your trip planning process, stress levels may be reduced significantly as everyone can stay organized and book travel arrangements without being subject to last-minute price spikes.

Leaders can ensure everyone enjoys an enjoyable and safe trip on vacation, especially when visiting popular travel destinations where there may be dangerous elements or drunk driving laws that must be abided by. Before heading out on your adventure, it would also be advisable to educate yourselves on local drinking laws so you can avoid embarrassing situations or costly fines.

Planning ahead can save you a significant amount of money on your spring break travel expenses. Beginning to plan four to six months early can result in reduced flight, hotel and excursion prices as well as extra time to select an awesome location and plan fun activities for your trip.

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Go on a Budget

Plan ahead if you want your spring break to be successful! That is true both for college students looking forward to unwinding after a challenging semester, as well as full-time workers and parents trying to balance work/family obligations while giving their kids some much-needed downtime.

By planning ahead and scheduling your trip in advance, you can take advantage of sales and lower going rates on hotel rooms, flights and even activities/event tickets. In addition, early planning allows you to stock up on everything necessary – swimwear, sunscreen, raingear and chargers are just a few items which could save money when travelling abroad – helping avoid paying high tourist prices on items you might not actually need; such as souvenirs!

Travel companions are another important element that can have a dramatic effect on the success of any vacation. Finding suitable traveling partners who will complement your group and whose company you appreciate can make any vacation more fulfilling – or conversely. Good travel partners can transform an otherwise ordinary journey into an exceptional one.

An ideal travel partner is someone who understands when you’re feeling overwhelmed or having a rough day and provides support and encouragement when necessary. They’re also there to assist in exploring unfamiliar environments or situations along your travels.

Travel buddies can help bring out your sense of adventure and enthusiasm for an experience, inspiring you to do things outside your comfort zone and experience something different, or simply provide comic relief on long journeys. They may also provide helpful local insights such as customs and culture when traveling abroad.

Spring break may tempt you to overindulge in alcohol and party hard, but remember it’s only temporary relief from school responsibilities and can have adverse consequences on your mental health. Overindulgence could result in bad hangovers, embarrassing moments and serious health concerns which will ruin the trip for everyone involved.

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At all times, it is wise to appoint a designated driver, remain alert of your surroundings, and use safe modes of transportation when travelling. Furthermore, create a meeting point so if any member becomes dispersed during travel. Remember to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen regularly while outdoors.

Get the Kids Involved

Integrating children in the planning process is both enjoyable and helps build excitement around spring break vacation. Ask them which activities they would like to participate in, while trying to find an arrangement that meets everyone’s needs and interests – doing this will ensure an enjoyable vacation for everyone – and you may just discover some surprises along the way!

As soon as everyone knows their ideal break is planned out, the next step should be choosing a destination. Beaches tend to be popular destinations; however there are other possibilities too such as mountains or historic cities. The key is selecting an appealing place that meets both budgetary requirements and weather considerations.

Remember that spring break is an opportunity for children to learn about staying safe during travel, such as making sure that no one is ever left alone and using a designated meeting point in case of emergencies. Also important: making sure they understand why it’s wise not to overshare on social media when visiting unfamiliar areas as this could expose them to strangers who could harm them or spy on their trip.

If you can’t take time off work to plan a real vacation, consider visiting family or friends nearby instead. It can provide an inexpensive alternative.

If you’re staying local, plan a day trip to a museum or attraction nearby. This can provide the chance to learn about your community while giving the kids an exciting adventure of exploration! Get them involved by having them research destinations ahead of time so they are better prepared. Plus it will engage their brains while also teaching them about giving back in your community!

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