How To Prepare Your Next Wine Vacation

Wine trips are great because of so many different reasons, ranging from the great tastes to the incredible locations where the wine grows. It is such a unique experience that people do constantly look for new opportunities and make wine tasting a huge part of the trip. While it is not at all difficult to find wine tasting locations, having a perfect wine tasting trip is not just about booking a package. You want to think about various different things and we are sure the following tips will help you out a lot.

Do Not Buy The Bottle But Taste The Wine

You want to visit the top wineries and taste the wine but you do not actually have to buy the wine from there. That is because the price will be a lot higher than what you would need to pay in other places. At the same time, remember that transporting all the wine you will want to buy can be pretty tricky. You will not find discounts in a winery.

Focus On The Offered Experience

You should never visit more than 3 wineries in one day. Focus on those that offer a wine culture experience. It is a really good idea to focus on as many different experiences as you can receive based on where you travel to. For instance, in a winery you may be able to learn more about the art of wine making while in another winery you could focus on how the grapes are grown.

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Restaurant Wine Lists Should Be Avoided

This is something that seems to be quite counter-intuitive. However, a vacationer will always receive the best experience when the restaurant wine lists are not considered. Remember that the wine restaurants are almost always really poor. You can actually take your own bottle of wine with you to so many restaurants if you agree to pay the corkage fee, which is normally between 10 and 25 dollars.

In the event you have to buy the wine from the restaurant, opt for the cheap alternative. This is a great tip but you should only take it into account when referring to the really good restaurants. People are normally embarrassed and go for more expensive bottles. If you order the cheap wine and the restaurant is great, it is a certainty you will love it.

Online Reviews Help You

Most people prepare their wine trip in a really bad way. They simply focus on finding locations. This is not enough. You want to allow yourself enough available time to see all the options available in the area you are travelling to. Make a list of all the wineries and all the experiences you can enjoy. Then, read reviews written by people that enjoyed the same experiences you consider. When their reviews are mostly positive, you can consider the location. Also, be sure you will call in advance to see all that is possible. In some cases there are packages that are not advertised on websites. If possible, look for coupon codes and you are bound for a great experience at a highly affordable price tag.

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