Wine Tasting In Paphos, Cyprus

We are always looking for new wine tasting opportunities, locations that many do not actually consider. Paphos, Cyprus, is definitely one of those locations. The opportunities that are available here are quite interesting, although there is just one wine tour that can actually be covered. Just as always, you can create your very own wine tasting tour in Paphos, Cyprus if you are a little patient and use the internet for research purposes.

In Paphos you will want to get a guide because you can learn so much about the medieval Kolossi Castle and the Kourion theater while you move towards a special wine tasting experience. The villages of Omodos and Monagri have to be considered in order to eat some olive bread and taste good wine. A scheduled lunch stop at a wine museum is something that will give you the greatest possible experience.

The Wine Tasting Tour Option

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The main highlights of the local tour are the following:

  • A full day of tasting that takes you through Limassol and Paphos
  • Visit Kolossi Castle and Kourion
  • Visit the villages of Omodos and Monagri for wine tasting
  • Learn about the wine making history of Cyprus with a scheduled lunch visit at the Cyprus Wine Museum
  • Learn about the viticulture of the island thanks to the information offered by a knowledgeable guide
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What To Expect From Wine Tasting In Paphos

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The Kurion Ancient Theatre is usually the first location that you want to visit in a tour or when you create your very own wine tasting tour. Guides are usually met there. Then, you can visit the Kolossi Castle or simply move directly to the wine making areas. There are different wines that are available. Some of them are internationally known while others are special for the locals. Both have to be experienced.

Keep in mind that there are many interesting wine tasting opportunities that are available based on the season when you visit. That is something that you do have to consider, especially when taking a more nomadic approach. Learn all that you can about the options that are available and never dismiss Paphos since we are talking about some really tasty opportunities for those that love wine.

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