Best Amusement Parks In Tokyo

With such a large influx of tourists that visit Tokyo every single month, it should come as no surprise to notice some of the most interesting amusement parks in the world being present here. We will talk about the 2 best amusement parks in Tokyo since these are the ones that you absolutely want to visit. Make your pick and do not miss out on all that is available from them.

Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea

This is a really beautiful and quite large fantasy amusement theme park that is a big part of the Tokyo Disney Resort. It is unique to the country of Japan since it is inspired by local sea legends and myths. There are basically 7 themed ports included, each with its own attractions, designs and attractiveness.

It has to be said that Tokyo DisneySea does have attractions and rides that are suitable for all ages but the intended audience is more grown up. With this in mind, there are many table service restaurants that will serve alcoholic beverages that are not available for neighboring park visitors.

The Themed Areas

We could talk about all of them but there has to be some mystery left if you do want to visit. With this in mind, let us focus on 3 that are great from our point of view. You may like others too.

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Mediterranean Harbor

You cannot really miss this one since it is located right at the entrance of Tokyo DisneySea. The style that is recreated is that of a port town in Italy. Waterfront will feature gondolas on Venice style canals. The buildings here actually create a hotel you would love. Water fountains and boats shows are held every single day here.

Mysterious Island

You will find this right in the middle of the park. Its inspiration came from the writings of popular author Jules Verne. With this in mind, you can easily imagine what to expect, a world filled with ocean attractions like the submarines of Captain Nemo. Also, you can journey right to the middle of the earth through science “vehicles” in some rides that are quite mind blowing.

Arabian Coast

Most people read Aladdin and 1001 Arabian Nights when they were little. Arabian Coast is all about that, recreating the world in the book. Magic shows are available, hosted by the Genie. You can travel alongside Sinbad while he is preparing for a large discovery trip.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland

Since we have so many living in Tokyo and thousands that visit from other countries every single day, it should come as no surprise to notice that we have a Disneyland right here. The theme park is similar to the others around the world, designed right around the Walt Disney productions. Tokyo Disneyland appeared in the year 1983 and it was actually the very first of the Disney theme parks that were located outside USA. It was modeled after the California and Florida Disneyland amusement parks. Seven different themed lands can be visited right here. Occasional parades and decorations are available based on season.

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The Themed Areas

Let us talk about 2 of the really interesting themed lands in Tokyo Disneyland. As with DisneySea, you may want to learn more about all before visiting.

World Bazaar

You cannot miss World Bazaar since it is present right as you enter the amusement park. You will love it since it is basically filled with restaurants and shops, all in a covered shopping arcade. The entire region is built like an American 20th century town. Obviously, it is also the main shopping area in the park.


This is great for adults, exploring the outer space theme, highlighting possible and existing future technologies. There are so many interesting attractions here like Star Tours, AstroBlasters and Space Mountain.

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