Quirky Los Angeles: 5 Most Offbeat Things to Do in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in southern California and the center of the US film and television industry. Popularly known as the entertainment capital of the world and home to Hollywood, Los Angeles has something in store for everyone. Hollywood, Walk of Fame, the Griffith Observatory, and pristine beaches, the tourist possibilities are endless here.

The weather in Los Angeles is a Mediterranean type characterized by a year-round mild-to-hot and mostly dry climate, which makes it ideal for travelers. According to a 2014 report, LA has the best weather in the US followed by San Diego and Oxnard. LC experiences pleasant weather all through the year. You can check weather forecast websites to plan your trip on good weather days.

However, most tourists in the US have visited LA quite a few times and explored all there’s to see. But what if we were to tell you that there’s more to LA than the popular tourist attractions that everyone flocks towards. There are some exciting places to check out in Los Angeles that might not be touristy but will help you see the city in a new light.

Some of these places are more amusing and pleasant to be at than other popular attractions. If you are the kind of tourist that gravitates towards offbeat locations, you’ll find these more suited to your preference. Here are the five most unique things to do while in LA.

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Check Out the Evergreen Cemetery

The Evergreen Cemetery from the 18th century is the oldest in Los Angeles and is known for several reasons. With over 3,00,000 graves, the Evergreen Cemetery is also popular as one of the largest graveyards in the world. Located in Boyle Heights, the Evergreen Cemetery is the final resting place of noted politicians, celebrities, and global personalities.

Additionally, the Evergreen Cemetery is also the location of burial sites of Japanese American soldiers from the World War II era. What’s interesting is Evergreen Cemetery is among the very few places in the US where African-Americans, Mexicans, Japanese, and other immigrants are not banned. The place has lost its charm due to a lack of upkeep and has reported incidents of paranormal activities. However, this is a perfect place to visit if you’re a cemetery enthusiast and looking for a thrill.

Explore Storybook Houses

Ever read fairy tales and children’s stories only to wonder how it must feel like to live the experience. The Storybook Houses in Los Angeles allow you to live out your childhood fantasies. Situated half an hour from LA, in Beverly Hills, the Storybook Houses are inspired by storybook architecture.

The buildings are also popularly known as Fairy Tale houses or Witches Houses. These houses seem like they materialized straight from your favorite fairy tale into the real world. These houses have pitched roofs, crooked windows, and mini doors just like you have read in fairy tales.

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Further adding to the charm are colorful gardens, manicured tracks, shingled turrets, and miniature gardens. These Storybook Houses are said to have been in existence since the early 19th century and are a fairy tale lover’s dream come true.

Brennan’s Turtle Race

Witnessing Brennan’s Turtle Race is one of the top quirky things to do in the city of Los Angeles. The turtle race is held at Brennan in Marina Del Rey, just 30 minutes drive from the city of LA. Without a doubt one of the unique experiences, the race is organized every Thursday night after 10 pm. Brennan’s Bar and Pub has been managing the event for the last 40 years.

The race takes place at 4089 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, and visitors are advised to reach a little early to avoid the rush. What’s more, for a fee of $5, you can rent a turtle and take part in the race to win funky prizes. While not family-friendly due to the time and the place, it’s a must-visit if you are traveling with a group of friends.

Eat Your Fill at the 626 Night Market Festival

A short drive away from LA, you will find the 626 Night Market Festival near the San Gabriel Valley. This Asian-inspired night market is the largest of its kind in the US and is organized 10 times between May and September. The Night Market Festival is said to attract around 100,000 visitors every time.

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Popular amongst LA locals, the night market is not as popular with tourists and travelers. Plan your LA trip to match the dates of this festival and you are in for good times. Food lovers will enjoy some of the craziest Asian dishes and unique cuisine fusions at the 626 Night Market. While food is the attraction, tourists can also explore art and music attractions at the festival and shop from local vendors.

Take Secret Stairs Walk

The stair walks give tourists a quick glimpse into the glorious past of LA. These stair walks range from Santa Monica to Silver Lake. Tourists get to see the original local pathways of Los Angeles on the secret stair walk.

According to local belief, LA was once home to the most expensive public transportation in the world with the entire city covered by trolley cars. These stair walks were the way for those residing in hilly areas to reach trolley cars. If you want to ditch modern automobile transport and experience LA’s authentic past, take the secret stair walks.

You have probably never heard of some of these things to do in LA before in your life. This is a testament to how much more the city of LA has to offer beyond Hollywood. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to LA now and be prepared to see the city in a new light.

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