Surfing In The Samoa Islands – What Should You Know?

By Vesi

We usually talk about the best surf spots in various countries from around the world since Travel Tipsor is all about offering palpable tips that you can take advantage of. However, when referring to the Samoa Islands, we decided to take a different approach because of a simple reason: most people are not aware of the fact that Samoa is a surfer’s paradise. With this in mind, let us mention some things about surfing in the Samoa Islands that you will be interested in.

Quick Facts About Samoa

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Located in Oceania, right between Hawaii and New Zealand, Samoa has a population of around 195 thousand people, all with a Samoan nationality. The languages that are spoken here are Samoan (obviously) and English so you will feel like being at home. The local currency is called Tala and prices are not as high as with other popular destinations for surfers around the world.

Pros And Cons Of Surfing In Samoa Islands

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The most important thing that we have to highlight is the fact that the swell is consistent all year long. In addition, this country is perfect for those that are looking for relaxation since the surf beaches are uncrowded, which is not true for more popular locations.

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The big con is the presence of sharks but we do not have to worry much due to the fact that this is monitored and you will know if you cannot surf because of the sharks. Also, you have to arrange your trip properly since surfing is not allowed during Sundays.

Other Facts Of Interest About Surfing In Samoa Islands

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Probably the best way to describe the Samoa surfing scene is to make a comparison with Indonesia, but we have to take out the crowds from the equation. We can also say that we have the power that Hawaii offers but the local presence is not as heavy. This is the Samoan experience when referring to surfing.

There are many different wave options available between Savaii and Upolu, the 2 main islands in the country. We have diversity and every single surfer, of practically all skill levels can enjoy a great experience. This includes draining barrels, A-frame peaks and rippable barrels. The water is really clear and the experience is definitely memorable.

You will definitely be drawn in by the name of the waves since they are quite mythical in nature. Examples include Dragon’s Breath, Devil’s Island and Pudding Rock. Pudding Rock is definitely one name that you will never forget.

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On the whole, we can say that Samoa gives you the possibility of surfing as much as you want without being hindered by practically anything. When you do not surf, you will love the rest of the water activities and the culture in the area. Make sure that you try snorkeling as it is an experience in itself. Samoa has to be considered by those looking for wonderful surfing locations around the world.

In a future article we will try to highlight some of the best surfing spots in Samoa Island so that you have even more tips to consider.

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