Scuba Diving In Pondicherry

The Padi Dive Center just opened a new diving opportunity in Pondicherry, one that you would simply level, especially if you also enjoy surfing. Pondicherry offers many interesting dive sites, 15 of them being great with a depth of 12 to 40 meters and you can so easily enjoy surfing when you do not want to dive. Pondicherry diving options are quite new, especially when compared with Goa scuba diving, which has been around for a really long time.

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Traditionally, sea sports are not currently popular in India, not when compared with other opportunities. This is a country where people prefer other activities, like football, yoga or cricket. Even so, we are faced with the growth of the leisure society, which brings in new options that are quite interesting.

The greatest thing about Pondicherry scuba diving is the fact that the dive sites are relatively new and untouched. This practically means that there are not many that visited and you can be among the first. Even locals now go to the city in order to enjoy the 18 kilometers around it because of the water sports activities that are available.

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We need to realize that because of the accessibility to the dive sites, which is pretty low, you will end up paying more to go scuba diving in Pondicherry as compared to other options that are available in India. However, this should not actually be a problem if you are a little attentive to the deals that are often available.

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Recommended Pondicherry Scuba Diving Sites

Pondicherry scuba diving

  • Aravind’s Wall – This is basically a location that you have to try when you want to go scuba diving in the region. It is actually made out of 12 sites and one dive will allow you to see lionfish, butterflyfish, triggerfish, parrotfish and angelfish. Some sea snakes do appear from time to time and there is a good possibility that you will spot at least one honeycomb moray eel.
  • Ravines – The highlight here is offered by deep flowing cuts present in the reef bed. You can follow them as you go from deeper to a more shallow water. Marine life variety is present, including highly colorful crustaceans and reef fish.
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