5 Outdoor Adventures To Consider In Central America

Central America is a region that truly does not receive the attention it should. There are literally countless outdoor adventures that one can experience, making the location perfect for nature and active travelers from all around the world. Below you will find some quick details about outdoor adventures you do want to consider if you visit Central America.

Cayo District Horseback Riding

If you love horseback riding, Belize does offer a wonderful option in the Cayo District, which is an area that is practically perfect to experience while you are riding a horse. To make matters even more interesting, the experience can be combined with jungle waterfall visits and you can have a swim in one of many picturesque swimming holes. If you want more, visit the Maya ruins too.

Belize Barrier Reef Scuba Diving

The Belize Barrier Reef is basically covering the coastal length of the entire country and stands out as the 2nd longest continuous barrier reef you can see in the world. This is an attraction in itself. The scuba diving potential is simply huge but you can also enjoy some pretty great snorkeling if you are not into diving. Shallow water snorkeling will take you through staghorn coral and multicolored fan. Scuba diving enthusiasts can swim along whale sharks in Golden Split. We thus have literally endless opportunities and water lovers will be rewarded.

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Parque Nacional El Imposible Swimming And Hiking

This national park is a really large and mostly lush destination you will want to consider since the wildlife present here is really rich. The overall landscape is great as it has so many streams, natural swimming holes and waterfalls. You will surely love how much swimming you can do and if you decide to visit, do stop at Tacuba, which is a small town that is usually the base camp for various hiking trips.

Active Volcano Climbing In Guatemala

The mountainous terrain of the country is attractive for nature lovers. Most of it is volcanic so it should come as no surprise to notice that some of the volcanoes are actually active. You cannot experience many activities in life that are as primal as going up an active volcano and then taking a look down at a crater that is erupting. You can easily enjoy this as you climb to Pacaya volcano summit. Pacaya can be just the start of the experience and you can easily enjoy various other volcano climbing experiences at Acatenango, Agua, Santa Maria and Tajumulco.

La Mosquitia Trekking

La Mosquitia in Hondurus is filled with wildlife, giving access to various cultures thanks to ethnic groups like Pech, Tawahkas, Garifuna and Miskito. You will get to visit the largest rainforest tract in Central America, an experience that is fantastic. When you go trekking here you are able to visit various indigenous villages while also exploring beaches, lagoons, swamps and wetlands.

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