Best Biking Trails Around Vienna

Vienna is wonderful for bicycle lovers since it has many options that are available. There are international standards that are respected but we are talking about a city in Austria. This automatically means that the routes are not attractive since there is so much traffic that it will be tough to go by bike. With this in mind, you will want to consider these cycling destinations right around Vienna.



This is a small town that is located in the south of Vienna. It is right in the middle of the Vienna Woods. The forests are wonderful and you will want to go in the Naturpark Fohrenwalder nature reserve. It is a great destination for those that love mountain biking. You can get to Modling by train from Sudbahnhof.

Lobau – National Park Donauauen

National Park Donauauen

These are forests that were assigned to end up being sacrificed in order to build a water power plant during the eighties. Due to a citizen movement that was driven by hiking associations, politicians, academics and environmentalists, the plans did not go through. We now have a national park that is perfect for those that want to enjoy cycling since there are various routes that are quite close to Vienna. You will appreciate them.

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Vienna Woods

Vienna Woods

Vienna Woods is also known as Wienerwald. It is an area that is not constrained by Modling and that allows you to easily get there straight from the Austrian capital. This area allows you to go cycling on many different roads and paths. Some are only going to be suitable for mountain bikes while others are great for all bicycle types. You can get cycling maps and hiking maps in Wienerwald.

Tulln Towards Klosterneuburg

Danube Bike Trail

Take your bike on the train that takes you to Tulln from Vienna. If you are there, you will be able to do sightseeing in a great town. The tour can start wherever you want and you will enjoy the Danube. After around 20 kilometers, you will get to Klosterneuburg. Make sure that you stop at the Heurigen wine tavern.



This is a great paradise for a cyclist, a classic vacation for Austrians that want to travel by bike. There are 35 kilometers that you can enjoy. In most cases you will want to visit during autumn since the grapes are always ripe and temperatures are moderate. It is a cycling vacation that you will love.

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