Unexpected Texas Surfing Spots

When talking about Texas, you normally think about cowboys, pickup trucks and even barbecues. Many do not even know about the wonderful surfing spots that can be experienced in the state. Believe it or not, USA’s largest state actually has some interesting surfing experiences that you do want to experience if this is the activity you are interested in. We will highlight some of the best ones so that you know exactly where to go.

Galveston is definitely an area that is popular among surfers in Texas but you want to also go a little to the south. The conditions are actually much better.

Jamaica Surfing

Jamaica Surfing

This is quite an uncrowded bottom break that gives access to some really good chest to head waves that are pretty high. The moving is faster than with Galveston and the water is deeper. Rides are always a lot of fun and there is a pretty good possibility that the surfer is tubed. Left and write waves appear based on swells.

Surfside Surfing

Surfside Surfing

If you live near Austin or in Houston, Surfside is definitely the option you want to consider since it is reachable and the surfing spot is highly dependable. There are many wave types here. Most of the waves will be a big swell and will turn hard on storms. Jetties will be long, thus creating deepwater, solid peelers. Breaks are clean when winds come from the East or NorthEast. Surfside is good for both short and long boards, locals are friendly and rentals are available if you need them.

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Quintana Surfing

Quintana Surfing

If the swells are big and really rough to the south of Surfside, you want to go to Quintana if you want to simply paddle out. When the waves are great for surfing, they are consistent. You can experience speedy and consistent sandbar featuring right and left direction. Fun rides are basically perfect for all the levels.

Matagorda Surfing

Matagorda Surfing

Matagorda has a really good break. For many surfers this is a classic in Texas. You have 4 main wave types available, all with a really good shape and consistent waves that break over sandy bottom. The rides can be fast and powerful and on the whole, this is one of the best surfing spots in Texas. There is no way to deny this.

South Padre Surfing

South Padre Surfing

The Texas surfers always agree that South Padre is the best place to surf in Texas if you are really competitive. That is because of the waves. They are not the type that you normally see in the Gulf. Consistency, size and power are always great but there are various lesser-known breaks that you can experience. You will definitely want to experiment if you want to surf there.

Boca Chica Surfing

Boca Chica Surfing

Boca Chica offers swells from the north, giving access to some of the best long lefts in the state. Meaty consistency is present and glassiness is great. You will quickly notice that the barreling waves are really common here and that is true even on small days. As bigger swells roll in, jetties will produce some monster waves that actually bring in various surf crowds from all around the coast. However, you will want to watch out for the presence of sharks.

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North Jetty Surfing

North Jetty Surfing

For some this is the best surfing spot in Texas. Waves will break towards the north and will produce fast, clean barrels. They are usually quite big, no matter the swell direction. If the wind comes from a western direction, the quality is particularly impressive. Short and long boards will be able to surf great here.

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