Top Destinations To Explore In US

The United States is definitely the land of opportunities even when it comes to travel and leisure. There are many spots to visit for both tourists and locals. Some of these destinations are full of adventure and you can have a low budget holiday. There are so many diverse attractions that it is difficult to narrow them down.


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Louisville, Kentucky

  • This region is well known for the fine bourbon as well as the exciting horse racing activities.
  •  The Belle of Louisville, a river steamboat which measures up as a national historic landmark is another worthy attraction that will be 100 in 2014.


New York City
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New York City

  • This is a city of many faces and you cannot conquer them all with just on visit.
  •  There are a number of must see attractions in New York City such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and if you appreciate the arts, there is the Metropolitan Museum of Art among many others.
  • You will have a thrilling experience at the market place inside Grand Central Station.
  • You can visit the Cloiters and look for souvenirs in the bohemian shops in the West Village.
  • Indulge in fine dining on the upper West Side. You will need valid ESTA certification, which will only cost you about $30 to travel as a visitor in to the US.
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Golden Gate
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  • San Francisco is a legendary city, ideal for nature lovers, and also known for its neighbourhoods such as Chinatown.
  • Each neighbourhood has its own personality.
  •  The vineyard estates of Napa Valley are a site to see. During winter, you can treat your kids to the snow parks and if you enjoy winter sporting, Bear Valley is the place to be.


Chicago skyline
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  • Popularly known as the “Second City”, Chicago comes close to New York in terms of population density and size.
  • This city is adorned with fine dining, modern art, a beautiful skyline, just to mention a few of the welcome distractions.
  • The shops, restaurants and museums rival those in New York and LA.
  • Be sure to check out Lake Michigan, and if you are in to the arts, the Museum of Science and Technology will baffle your senses.


Las vegas
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Las Vegas

  • Famous for its casinos and grandiose party life, this town is where most go to try their luck.
  • You can enjoy performances by the likes of Brian Hoffman and Purple Reign.
  • There is plenty of amusement like fast car racing, state of the art shopping and high end restaurants.


The White House
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Washington, DC

  • This is the most visited city in the US and is enjoyed particularly by families and school tours.
  • It has plenty of museums and historical monuments to check out in Washington.
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Waikiki - Hawaii
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  • This island of paradise boasts nature from its beaches, volcanoes and a rich culture, spectacular cuisine and is perfect for a getaway.

If you are an international traveller, ensure you have valid ESTA approval before travelling. This certification is mandatory and should be plied for at least 72 hours prior to travel. Fill the online form today and get ready to have an adventure.

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