Most Popular Landmarks in Colombo

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Colombo is the most important city in Sri Lanka. Besides being the capital of Sri Lanka, it also serves as the commercial and business center of the country. The city has a colonial past, which can be seen through its various old monuments and architectural buildings. On the other hand, high-rise buildings and towering hotels reveal the modern side of the city.

Thus, Colombo offers a blend of architectural styles. Culturally, the residents look more traditional than modern. Museums and art galleries offer a good insight into Sri Lankan history and culture. To get a more lively experience of the same, you can plan trips to traditional markets and old neighborhoods. Colombo is not very expensive. It is possible to enjoy the delicious local cuisine without spending too much. Accommodation and the cost of getting around are also very cheap. So, why not flights to Colombo this vacation for an exotic experience? Don’t forget to take your family along with you.


Colombo Beach
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Places to visit in Colombo Sri Lanka

The Dutch Period Museum:

Among the popular architectural landmarks built during the colonial  era is what is known as the Dutch Period Museum, which once used to serve as the residence of a Dutch governor, but now has been converted into a military museum. Notice the unique amalgamation of Dutch and Sri Lankan architectural styles. Step inside to find an interesting collection of maps, household items, furniture and charts that belong to the colonial era. Among the prized possessions of the museum include coins, artifacts, and arms and ammunitions.

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Wolvendaal Church
By McKay Savage under CC BY 2.0

Wolvendaal Church:

Another important heritage site in Colombo is Wolvendaal Church, which can attract your attention for its peaceful surroundings. Located at a hilltop, the church looks awesome with its Doric architecture. The roof is set high to resemble a dome and the walls are made strong with the use of lime plaster and coral. The interiors are as fascinating as the exteriors of the church. Visitors are sure to have a word of praise for the ornate flower tables placed in the hall. Flights to Colombo and discover more specimens of colonial heritage.


The Colombo National Museum
By Indi Samarajiva under CC BY 2.0

The Colombo National Museum:

A visit to the Colombo National Museum will bring you closer  to the salient features of Sri Lankan culture. One of the most visited landmark in the country, the museum houses diverse collections of things that offer a deep insight into the rich cultural heritage of the country. The architecture of the museum is in itself worth a look. Notice the limestone statue of Buddha and two historical carvings while you enter the museum.

Colombo Zoo:

A good family-friendly site, Colombo Zoo displays more than 350 species of  animals that are specific to this region. It is a good place to learn about animal habitats as the zoo also features an education center. Elephant is the most popular attraction of the zoo. Other animals include python, cobras, tortoises, bats, owls, lemurs and over 500 species of fish.

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Ruhana National Park:

Enjoy the thrill of watching animals in their own habitats. Visit Ruhana  National Park, the best place to see the native flora and fauna in the country. A wide variety of wildlife can be seen here. Chief among them are leopards, elephants, bears, crocodiles, buffaloes, wild boars and peacocks. Fly to Colombo and explore many more interesting sites for a perfect family vacation in budget.

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