The Top Rafting Places In Poland

By Vesi

Rafting is definitely challenging. This sport involves so much muscle work and it is a great activity for the tourist that loves some adrenaline while being away from home. In most cases the activity involves a special white water raft and a river that is capable of offering the rapids that are necessary.

There are some interesting rafting places in Poland that you can consider. However, those that are beginners should first be masters at canoeing or kayaking. Rafting is challenging and the country does offer large water bodies that can wow even the tourist that simply wants the best. The picturesque scenery that you will see in the Polish lakes and rivers will definitely be highly attractive for you.

dunajec white water rafting

Dunajec River Rafting

The top rafting place in Poland is definitely the Dunajec River. After you see all of Krakow’s cultural highlights and you want to get out of the city, head over to the river for an adrenaline filled experience.

If you want to get a little bit crazy and you have 5 to 8 hours available for something special, consider Dunajec River for a rafting experience right along the natural border between Slovakia and Poland. This river simply takes you through some limestone mountains that are hard to be forgotten. The rock formations are simply incredible. You will also go through Pieniny National Park, which is a unique nature monument in itself. The route is quite long, 15 km. Go through all of it to fully experience Poland’s best river rafting experience.

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Krutynia River

Krutynia is well known among rafters for the breathtaking views and gentle waters. This is perfect for canoeing and kayaking. The entire route is 62 miles long. You will not get to go through many rafting opportunities but you will surely appreciate the 8 days trip if you want to experience something that is really special.

Keep in mind that there are many rafting options in Poland that are offered by different travel agencies. Whenever choosing, make sure that you have a professional with you. That is especially true in the event you want to experience Dunajec and you want to have a memorable, adrenaline filled experience. The professionals are always necessary in this case.

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