Rafting In Prague – The Vltava River

White water rafting in Prague is all about Vltava River. This is where you want to go. When looking at white water rafting, you can experience something that is furious, fast and memorable. At the same time, you can find mild rafting options so we can say that the experience is complete, perfect for all people that have any skill level.

Vltava River rafting

Most people that are looking for rafting will refer to the Cesky Krumlov region. This is where there are so many locals that are swimming every day and hundreds that take advantage of the water on inflatable rafts while some go canoeing. It is not at all difficult to rent inflatable rafts, kayaks and canoes in the area and you have access to many different companies that can transport you all through the Vltava River.

Upstream Vltava River

You can work with different companies that would take you to the small town of Vyssi Brod. You want to go there in the event that you are looking for some shallow rapids. Here you can see some weirs that were created in order to improve the quality of rafting and canoeing. Keep in mind that there is a local arrangement that appears referring to where the canoes go and where rafting is enjoyed. The driver that will take you to the region will let you know exactly what you have to know about this. Make sure that you do not dismiss this so that you can avoid unwanted accidents.

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Downstream Vltava River

Going downstream takes you towards Ceske Budejovice. You can easily get on your raft and you will enjoy yourself at quite a leisure pace. Various different riverbank pubs will be available on the way and if you are visiting the downstream area, you will want to consider a stop at Zlata Koruna, a wonderful old monastery down.

Renting Rafts On Vltava River

You can rent your rafts from various places, with Malecek Boat Rentals being normally recommended for the 6 people rafts, which are normally really popular. You would get all the equipment that is necessary, together with maps to help you have the best possible experience.

Rafting From Prague

Most tourists that want to go rafting on the Vltava River will have accommodations set up in the city of Prague. From there, the regular drive to the rafting destination is of around 40 minutes. Once you reach the destination, all you need is to be ready for the adrenaline that will be experienced.

Various tour operators give you access to personalized rafting options in the river. You want to choose one that has a really good reputation and it is always a good idea to focus on the options that include some types of extras like lunch or drinks. Group activities are also available. In most cases such a package also offers round trip transportation.

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Remember This!

Rafting is a sport that is extreme. You need to be prepared and your practice is paramount to the success. Make sure that you do not go to an area that has rapids that are stronger than what you are ready to experience. It is always a good idea to take wash kits, sun cream, towels and swimming shorts with you. Also, if you want to book a rafting experience, you will need to book in advance. Such an experience is quite popular and you should book in advance in order to be sure that you will actually be able to enjoy yourself and have a boat available when in Prague.

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