What Are The Things You Should Know About Mountain Biking In Switzerland?

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Mountain biking has become a world phenomenon due to the fact that more and more people want to explore the mountains on their bikes. It’s one of the most thrilling types of sports and it has proven to be very popular among young adults around the globe because of the adrenaline that they feel when they go on a ride. But it’s much more than just an extreme sport, it’s a way of discovering your limits and going beyond them. There are so many people that talk about their experiences with themselves as one of the most defining moments of their lives.

Switzerland Is A Popular Destination!

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The world is filled with great places to discover on a bike, but when it comes to one of the greatest experiences that involves mountain biking, then Switzerland is the best choice to make. The Alps are incredible, rough and exhilarating and many bike bloggers talk about their experiences in those mountains. So, if you are planning a mountain biking trip and you’ve chosen Switzerland as a destination, what more do you need to know?


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Due to the fact that this is a complicated type of trip, planning is essential here, especially when it comes to costs, accommodations, terrain and routes. There are two ways that can be taken here: the first one implies contacting a mountain biking tour company that has a great deal of experience in the field and can provide you with all the necessary details for your trip. It’s simple, they are the ones that handle all the work and it can be easier for you as everything is done and ready.

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The second idea is to plan things on your own, from the routes to the place you are going to stay and even the sights you want to see. This is great because you have the freedom to choose, but it implies a great deal of research and reading. This is best advised to the most experienced of bikers because the routes that they might find might be a little harder than the one proposed by a tour company.


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As mentioned above, this is one complicated type of trip, therefore your body needs to be strong and in shape in order to be able to handle all the effort. Additionally here, the technical experience that the biker has needs to be above an intermediate level due to the fact that the trails are very complicated. For example, there are terrains that require the biker to go over 4 hours per day, for a number of 7 days. Climbing is another issue that should be taking into account, as some portions are complicated and cannot be done on a bike. This is the reason why your body should be prepared for an intense set of days. It will be tough, but the results are quite rewarding.

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To conclude, the best piece of advice that a biker can get in order to mountain bike in Switzerland is to be informed, to find out every piece of information possible and discover the best solution that fits his fitness level, stamina and even their enthusiasm.

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