Pocono Whitewater Rafting – Thrills For All

Pocono Whitewater rafting offers unforgettable outdoor adventures to its visitors, including rafting trips, biking expeditions, and paintball at Skirmish – providing thrills for all.

Book a trip on dam release days to experience high water flows for an exhilarating heart-pumping ride, or opt for family-style rafting excursions that explore class I and II rapids. Other special experiences may include Moonlight Rafting at night or Pirate rafting!

Safety First

Whitewater rafting requires taking great care and precaution, with safety being the top priority at all times. Just as you wouldn’t allow your child rollerblading without wearing a helmet, so should rafters. Wearing one will protect their heads from impacts while helping prevent concussions in case of accidents or collisions with another raft or rocks.

Before setting out on a Pa rafting expedition, make sure you listen carefully to your guide’s safety talk and apply a life jacket before jumping aboard. Your guide may discuss “high-side!” as an easy and quick way to save your raft in case of an accidental flipping accident on the river – make sure that you follow his or her instructions exactly!

Pocono Whitewater offers an assortment of unique rafting trips to fit every skill or bravery level. Families will enjoy their Family-Style Raft Trip, an 8-mile excursion featuring class-two and class-three rapids; while thrill-seekers will appreciate their BigTime Whitewater tour that includes class-three rapids in an adventure that will set your heart racing!

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For a relaxing river experience, their Moonlight Raft Trip allows you to float down the river while sipping wine and enjoying snacks under the stars. For an exciting full-day of paddling fun they also provide their Battles and Paddles adventure that combines paddling, hiking, paintballing, and paintball into one unforgettable journey!


Whitewater rafting requires very basic equipment. Rafts made of inflatable rubber rafts are easily maneuvered by guides. Life jackets must also be worn at all times during a trip in case of an accident; previously these were very sensitive and might tear apart during races; new technologies have since made them more robust.

The Lehigh River is an incredible river, making it the ideal location for whitewater rafting in Pennsylvania. Kittatinny Canoes provides an assortment of trips for people of all ages – families can opt for gentler rapids while adults can challenge themselves with more challenging rapids or even take part in dam release days to experience Class II-III rapids alongside breathtaking scenery!

Pocono Whitewater in Jim Thorpe offers river and multisport adventures to fit every need, including mild-to-wild rafting trips, scenic rail trail biking tours, and adrenaline-infused paintball action at Skirmish USA – there’s an adventure waiting for everyone here!

They offer an assortment of guided excursions, such as dam releases and family-style rafting; as well as unique packages like Pocono Pirate Rafting for family-oriented rafting adventures. Led by an energetic pirate captain equipped with water guns for participants during this family-friendly journey. Following your day of fun on the riverside pavilion awaits a bonfire and dinner!

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As dam releases on the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers make whitewater rafting available all summer, various local companies provide trips suitable for thrill-seekers of all levels of experience. Jim Thorpe River Adventures can tailor an adventure experience based on your experience level as well as family-friendly rafting options for younger members of your group.

Whitewater Challengers provides a diverse range of experiences, from relaxing trips to heart-pounding adventures. Their most popular whitewater rafting trip is their family-style trip, which features miles of class 1-2 rapids with calmer spots for swimming. If you prefer something a bit more challenging, try their “Whitewater Marathon” trip – the longest single-day whitewater rafting adventure on the East Coast!

Pocono Whitewater offers an assortment of unforgettable whitewater trips, such as the popular Pirate Rafting tour where paddlers can encounter notorious river pirates along their journey. If you prefer something more romantic and serene, try out an 8-mile Moonlight Rafting expedition for an enchanted river journey at night!

Most rafting excursions feature a BBQ lunch, free parking and changing rooms, and a shuttle service. For the complete vacation experience, Pocono Whitewater partners with other activities such as Pocono Biking and Skirmish Paintball to offer full days of adventure in the Pocono Mountains. Groups of 20 or more may qualify for discounted rates – visit their website for package deals and details!

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Pocono Whitewater offers exciting class 3-4 rapids or family-friendly dam release excursions for any taste – prices vary according to season and level of excitement desired.

Rafting companies on the Lehigh River must abide by strict safety standards and provide a full range of equipment such as helmets, life vests, paddles and spray skirts for their passengers. Furthermore, they are required to have an emergency medical response plan and trained rescue and support staff available in case of accidents or injuries; several rafting outfitters such as Jim Thorpe River Adventures even feature lifeguards at their pools who have been trained to detect potential issues that may arise while rafting.

The number of rafts per trip depends on river conditions and is typically limited to 20 boats. Each participant must sign a waiver and be fitted for a life jacket before beginning. Each raft may also feature between four and eight guides depending on its destination; some rafts may only require two guides while others could even require eight!

For those seeking an exhilarating adventure, visit the Lackawaxen whitewater run during a dam release for extra excitement that doesn’t rely on natural flow. This provides a thrilling new twist.


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