Travel Activities To Consider In Ohrid, Macedonia

Ohrid is not just one of the most popular destinations in Macedonia, it is also among the oldest of all the European settlements. It is close to Lake Ohrid and archaeological finds show that the lake is around 3 million years old. The city was first mentioned in the year 356 BC in Greek documents. Most of what is viewable now has been built between the seventh and the nineteenth centuries. Ohrid, Macedonia, is quite interesting, mainly because of the following travel activities that are available.

Visit The Beaches

ohrid beaches

Sightseeing is something that is wonderful in Ohrid and besides this, you will also want to visit the different natural beaches, especially those that are farther away from city center. That is because they will become more scenic and the beach experience offered will be unique for each one. We warmly recommend a visit to Gradiste Beach as it is really popular among music lovers and young people. Other beaches have a tranquil atmosphere. Most of the beaches will be crowded during the months of July and August.

Another beach you want to visit is Labino. It is stony and small. Water there is refreshing and clear, with the best time to visit being the morning. Ljubanista also needs to be considered because of the sandy beaches present.

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Lake Ohrid Boating

ohrid boating

Right close to the St. Naum Monastery you can start your guided rowboat tour, taking you to Lake Orhid source. What is really interesting here is that you can also start doing some paragliding tandem flying at the Cuba Libre Beach Bar. Many tours are available for those that want to go paragliding. A flight will normally take around 20 minutes.

Attend Popular Events

Ohrid Summer Festival

Many really interesting festivals are held at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. One of the really interesting ones is the Ohrid Summer Festival. This is a music and drama festival, the largest in the country. The very first concert was held in the year 1961 and you will surely love how many participate every single year. The reputation is quite high and the festival normally takes place between July the twelfth and August the twentieth.

Another interesting festival you do want to consider is the Ohrid Swimming Marathon. It takes place in the second part of July. Elite swimmers from all around the world visit and take place in a really interesting 30 kilometers long competition.

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