Travel Activities That Are More Extreme Than You Imagined In National Parks From USA

There are countless US National Parks. Most of them offer simple travel activities, like hiking, biking and camping. However, some are perfect for daredevils that want to climb mountains so they can jump off of them. Whitewater rafting, gliding and mountain base jumping are just some extreme activities that can be enjoyed in the American national parks. If you want adrenaline in a national park, here are the ones that you want to consider.

Channel Islands National Park – Kayaking

Close to the Los Angeles coast you can visit the Channel Islands National Park’s Anacapa Island. It is great for kayaking, some of the best you will experience on the entire West Coast. Marine life is rich and you will want to see Arch Rock, one of the most photographed places in the country. Rough water is available and you will want to be careful with currents, fog and winds though since this is a cliff island.

Big Bend National Park – Rafting

Big Bend National Park – RaftingTexas’ Big Bend National Park is a great country destination for those that want to experience great rafting as the Rio Grande goes right through it. The river is also a natural border between Mexico and USA. You can go rafting through numerous eye-widening spots, including canyons that are 1500 feet deep. It is also possible to cross the border back and forth but you will want to stay on the US side of the border.

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Sand Dunes National Park – Sandboarding and Sandsledding

Colorado is widely renowned for Aspen but the Sand Dunes National Park is where the adrenaline junkies go during the summers. This is actually the only destination of its kind in the world. Make sure that you consider the combination of Lawrence of Arabia and Jean-Claude Killy. Also, visit the dunes during late evening or morning as midday heat is a killer.

Minnesota’s Voyagers National Park – Great Camping

Right under the border with Canada campers can see the Northern Lights in all of the splendor. There are an impressive 270 campsites that are accessible through watercrafts. The very best lights visibility can be enjoyed from Echo Lake Campground. Weather services should be consulted to be sure that you have a good chance of seeing what you came for.

Mount Rainier National Park – Ice Camping

Mount Rainier National Park Ice CampingIn the upper regions you can have a great time in 35 square miles of snow and ice that are permanent. Every day of the year you can experience some ice camping in the park. Staying the night is possible but be sure that you are going to protect yourself from the cold weather and from winter wildlife as it can be quite aggressive.

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Grand Canyon – Whitewater Rafting

A rafting trip in the Grand Canyon is normally perfect for the thrill seekers. We are faced with so many operators that are capable of helping you to navigate around 200 miles of wonderful rafting. Do be sure that you consider visiting the Native American ruins to see some lovely eagles and even enjoy some rock climbing.

Yosemite National Park – Gliding

For a long time now you have the possibility of reaching Glacier Point and leaping off for some great gliding. Hang gliding was overseen and sanctioned by employees of the park in the past. However, nowadays there is the Yosemite Hang Gliding Association that you will want to visit in order to get all that is needed for a wonderful experience.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Rock Climbing

Rocky Mountain National Park – Rock ClimbingMany rock formations are going to make you feel like in paradise if this is the activity for you. The park covers 415 square miles and features many rock climbing options, including snow, ice, wall and rock. The international and local climbers love Longs Peak and Lumpy Ridge the most. You can enjoy both beginner and advanced rock climbing when in the park.

Zion National Park – Extreme Hiking

The Narrows is the name of the most popular of the park’s hikes, covering 16 miles and having something that is suitable for every single skill level. The Virgin River is followed by the hike, making it great for summer hiking. Do be sure that you go for higher ground in the event it starts raining. Flash floods are really common.

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