3 Types of Holiday Accommodation Explained

As the internet and smartphone use grew in popularity and market penetration, many traditional ways of travel evolved. Airlines started offering customers the ability to book their own flights, and that gave way to self-planned holidays instead of relying on travel agents. It wasn’t long before the traditional hotel started to see some competition in the accommodation market either, with apps like Airbnb and Trivago, as well as the emergence of self-catering apartments, offering travellers a unique way to go about booking their accommodation. Let’s look at three types of holiday accommodation and the benefits of each.

The Traditional Hotel

The traditional and reliable stalwart for any traveller, the hotel, offers many things that other types of accommodation might not, but these things will usually come at quite a price premium. Hotels offer almost all amenities you could need on site, so you’ll likely not have to leave the premises for anything. That makes them desirable for business trips or quick trips where convenience is required. They’re also usually very centrally located, particularly if you want to stay within walking distance of tourist attractions. Perhaps the biggest drawcard for hotels, however, is their reliability. When you book a hotel, you know exactly what you’re getting.

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App-Based Property Rentals

A relatively new player in the traveller’s accommodation options is the app-based ‘gig economy’ of property rental, offered by apps like Airbnb. There are some advantages that will become apparent as soon as you start looking at what kind of accommodation is available on these apps. While a hotel offers a room, you might be able to find a whole property or house on an app-based rental. You’ll probably be spending less on an app-based rental than on a hotel too. You are, however, renting a privately-owned property making it more hit or miss. You also shouldn’t expect any amenities or servicing while you’re staying there. Cleaning is often only provided after you leave, and you’ll certainly not have a room service to call upon. You will usually get access to a kitchen to cook for yourself.

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are the happy middle ground between the app-based rental and the hotel. They offer much of the same quality and reliability of a hotel at a lower cost. Serviced apartments often offer longer term rentals at discounted rates and include some of the amenities you’ll find in a hotel, like a cleaning service and reception service. They’ll usually offer more space than a hotel room too. Some may be self-catering while others might offer a catering service. It’s worth comparing the overall cost of a serviced apartment to other types of accommodation to consider the extras included in a serviced apartment that are included in the price.

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We are spoiled for choice when it comes to travel and even more so for accommodation. Being able to book a place to stay while you’re travelling from your smartphone in your pocket adds flexibility that we’ve never had before. Take some time to consider the options when you’re making your travel plans.

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