Trekking Guide For Mount Batur

Mount Batur (locally known as Gunung Batur) is located in Bali, Indonesia. It is an active volcano so adventure seekers from all around the world are now interested in trekking in the area. With the most recent eruption happening in 2000, the experience can be quite great. The Hindus see the mountain as sacred. It stands out at 1,717 meters and you can find it in the Kintamani region, close to Batur village.

Those that will surely want to consider a trek to Mount Batur are those that:

  • Love outdoor activities
  • Have a fitness level that is average or higher
  • Love taking nature pictures – the ones that you will take in the area are breathtaking
  • Want to try something new while exploring natural beauty

Finding A Trek Guide

It is really important that your travel is booked through an agency that you can trust. The smaller agencies are going to be shady. These try to convince you to work with them based on various different reasons but the experience is not always that great. Word of mouth helps you the most. All schedules, warnings and conditions should be clear so you avoid any situation that is unwanted.

We should add that there are many reports that the local mafia is intimidating tourists that are not using their guides. No reports exist about harm coming to them though. While it seems that the local police is ignoring the problem, you can climb with someone trustworthy. It is also possible to climb yourself. Just keep in mind that Mount Batur does not have any organization that manages it through the help of the government.

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Tips To Make The Mount Batur Trek Better

  • Clothes

You will go through various temperature changes. That is why you need appropriate clothes. Choose some that are not heavy, are comfortable and can be easily worn in layers. Something absorbent is a good idea and you can end up sweating as you climb. Drying sweaty clothes is not easy and the temperature will be cooler when you stop.

  • Shoes

Trek shoes are needed. The grip has to be good so you avoid slipping as you go downhill.

  • Torch

Head torches can be pretty useful. In some cases these would be offered by your guide but you should ask to be sure this is the case.

  • Camera

You absolutely want to have a camera for you to immortalize the experience. Having a second battery is also a good idea.

  • Food

Do avoid vendors that are selling refreshments. It is possible to save a lot on drinks and foods if you just bring some with you. Just make sure that your luggage is not heavy. That is why many just take food with them and buy drinks from vendors. This offers a lighter load.

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