How to Go Bungee Jumping in Bali

Bali offers plenty of extreme sports activities for adventure seekers. Bungee jumping is one of the more popular choices, making for an exhilarating ride! Here is how to learn when you want to see how to go bungee jumping in Bali.

Experienced jumpers may opt for this thrilling and safe activity by attaching themselves to an elastic rope attached to a tower, and taking their chances with international standards-compliant equipment. In addition, tandem bungee jumping may also be available.


Bungee jumping may seem like an extreme sport, but when done safely it can be extremely safe. Before jumping, however, it’s essential that you conduct sufficient research and select an establishment that adheres to all safety standards and meets them fully. A company’s reputation can often be determined through reviewing its website and reading customer reviews; you can even request to see its equipment!

The most essential piece of equipment used in bungee jumping is the bungee cord. This rope connects you to your jump point and helps cushion any falls you take, providing an elastic rebound after impact. A regular stiff rope would cause too hard a rebound that could potentially result in serious injury or even death.

Before jumping, a safety briefing and weight check must be conducted so they can match you to an appropriate bungee rig. Arrive an hour early so there is ample time to prepare; wear comfortable clothing without valuables that could come loose during your jump.

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At a bungee jump, you must secure yourself with a harness and strap. Wearing skirts or dresses that interfere with the security of your body harness could compromise its integrity; additionally, avoid wearing jewelry or eyeglasses as these could compromise its integrity further. Finally, it is also important to check weather conditions as rain, snow, or ice could potentially render equipment useless and cause failure during your jump.


You have to focus on equipment when learning how to go bungee jumping in Bali. Although bungee jumping may appear dangerous, when conducted by experienced professionals it can be extremely safe. Before signing up, check your host’s record for following safety codes and make sure all equipment works as it should. Also, ask about the environment where you will jump – does the site provide an appropriate tie-off location, is there no objects which might interfere with cord placement, or ask about any health conditions which could prevent you from participating safely.

Your mental preparation for bungee jumping will also need to be thorough, with savings made towards paying for this activity prior to visiting Bali as it can be pricey. Plan on arriving early at your scheduled slot so you can observe other jumpers as well as familiarize yourself with all necessary equipment and take your turn bungee yourself!

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Bungee jumping requires the use of a braided shock cord, with its main components including an ankle harness attached to the ankle of the jumper and a body harness connected via a leg harness. Both harnesses are designed to prevent the bungee cord from slipping off their legs; different sizes and strengths of harnesses are available to accommodate various body types. Most bungee sites utilize natural rubber cords which are known for their flexibility and strength.


Bungee jumping typically occurs at elevated spots, with participants connected to wires which allow for freefall and recoil, creating significant energy. A jumper must typically wear a full-body harness with leg and arm straps as well as be equipped with suitable footwear before entering their harness for this experience. In addition, safety helmets will often be provided.

There are various popular locations used for bungee jumping in Bali, such as the Bali Tower Bungy located in Seminyak. This 45-meter tall tower provides visitors with an exciting adrenaline rush while they visit. Open Monday to Friday, it provides the ideal place to test one’s courage!

The Bloukrans Bridge offers another ideal bungee jumping location. Take the plunge from this 216-m drop towards Storms River with confidence that your safety will be put first by experienced bungee jumpers – and at reasonable rates too if you’re booking a package that includes both jumping and visiting nearby Alas Kedaton temple!

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Bungee jumping is an exhilarating adventure sport that provides a thrill-filled free fall, followed by recoil. There are various packages tailored to each participant’s experience level and budget; tandem jumps may even help nervous first-timers feel less fearful!

AJ Hackett Bungy company is well-known worldwide for its safety standards, offering many different packages in Bali to visitors. Some of the more popular jumps start at IDR 990,000. Additionally, unique experiences can be experienced through its “Fireball” package where participants dress in special clothing to become human fireballs before being immersed in water!

Rotorua Bungee offers another exciting extreme activity to check off of their bucket list without jumping into water or off a cliff. Set in stunning natural landscapes, Rotorua Bungee provides a more gentle experience than other extreme activities and is more affordable too!

5GX Reverse Bungy in Kuta offers tourists an exciting reverse bungee experience like no other! This exciting form of bungee jumping acts like an exciting human slingshot: sitting in a circular seat connected to a rubber band-shaped cord before being launched up into the air! Plus, visitors will get to view some of Kuta’s beautiful sights below them!

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