USA’s Most Extreme Rock Climbing Spots

USA is obviously a wonderful destination for absolutely all people that love rock climbing. There are countless rock climbing spots that are perfect for all skill levels, including the advanced climbers that really want a tough experience.

Below we will talk about some extreme climbing destinations in the US. By extreme we do not necessarily mean a spot that is really difficult to climb. We refer to something that is special and that will offer something that is quite rare, extreme. Try these spots and you will surely appreciate the experience.

City Of Rocks National Reserve – Idaho

This spot is also known as The Silent City or The City. It is perfect for the experienced boulders, found right at the Utah border, in Malta. There are some great granite towers that go up to 600 feet. Rocks will dominate everything and you will feel as if you are surrounded by some mini skyscrapers, not just rocks.

Smith Rock – Oregon

If you know the history of sport climbing, you surely know this extreme climbing spot in Oregon. This is basically where the sport started. It is high desert plateau where you have to rely on some fixed anchors. Based on the strength you have and the endurance level, you can choose the path that best fits you. Compressed volcanic tuff will welcome you on sheer cliffs in a spot that is known all around the world for the challenging routes available.

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New River Gorge – West Virginia

The climbing options here are quite diverse, the most diverse ones present in eastern USA. According to geologists, the gorge was formed by one of the world’s oldest rivers. It was called New River. This may be ironic but what is interesting is that you have access to 60 miles of rock climbing cliffs, with over 1,400 routes available. That means that no matter how often you visit, you will experience something that is entirely new. Getting familiar with the rock climbing here is not really possible. Courses can be incredibly challenging. Beginners should definitely not try rock climbing in New River Gorge.

Looking Glass Rock – North Carolina

When water freezes here on the surface of the rocks, everything looks just like a mirror, thus the unique name. Looking Glass Rock is a really popular South climbing destination, mainly because of the geological phenomenon that will see volcano cooling before reaching full development. We have pitches that are nearly vertical in the really difficult routes, like the infamous The Nose. Experienced climbers should be the ones that try it.

Zion National Park – Utah

The sandstone cliffs we see in Zion National Park are 2,000 feet high. With such a statement, it is obvious that we are faced with a top spot for people that love sports climbing and rope climbing. All the rock climbing options are to be tackled as being extremely difficult. There are some options that are good for beginners or climbers with some experience, but the walls are really tough in most of the park. Temperatures can even reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, making Zion a very hard destination even for many of the advanced climbers.

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Numerous other extreme rock climbing spots exist in the USA besides those mentioned. Let us know what your favorite extreme spot is below. We always love to hear about other great places to cover.

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