Best Ice Climbing Opportunities In California

By Vesi

Whenever talking about ice climbing, we naturally do not think about California. That is completely normal but it is a great opportunity that you need to consider since there are some really interesting opportunities that are available for those that are interested. The two that we will mention below are actually among the best in the continent.

Yosemite National Park Ice Climbing

Yosemite National Park Ice Climbing

The Yosemite National Park dos offer some of the best icy cliffs in the entire world, with The Widow’s Tears actually being the longest ice climb that is continuous in the mainland of the country. It will take a really long time to complete, around 18 hours.

There are some easy formations for those that are not experienced like the Sentinel Falls (150 meters high) or the Silver Strand Falls (a 175 meters drop). The popularity of the park among ice climbers started growing from the report written in 1963 by renowned businessman and climber Yvon Chouinard as he highlighted that the park had some wonderful ice climbing options for those that were interested. As a little bit of extra information that you may enjoy, Chouinard is the one that is thought to have invented curved picks while on the Mendel Route, during a climbing expedition that took place in 1966.

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Mammoth Lakes Ice Climbing

Mammoth Lakes Ice Climbing

This is another mountainous, snow-capped location that you are going to love in California. It drastically highlights the fact that California is much more than tech start-ups, sunny beaches and film stars. You can so easily go to the Sierra Mountains from Mammoth Lakes, while being able to also experience Owens River Gorge. If you can stay for more time, you can even travel to the above mentioned Yosemite National Park since it is quite close.

The entire Mammoth Lakes area is surrounded by rugged, steep rock formations covered in ice sheets during winter months. Ice formations that are really popular and that are aimed for the really experienced climbers will include Alabama Hills (quite remote), Deadman Summit, Rock Creek and Indiana Summit.

According to many specialists, Lee Vining Canyon is seen as a perfect location in the state. That is where you may want to go in the event that you do not actually know much about ice climbing or someone needs to take ice climbing lessons from a very good school.

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