6 Wonderful European Ski Resorts Few People Know About

There are hundreds of incredible European ski resorts so it should come as no surprise to see that many of the incredible ones are not actually well-known. Below we take a look at some that should definitely be better known as they can only be described as being hidden gems. Looking for a budget friendly ski destination or simply a place that is not packed with tourists from all around the world? Seriously consider the following European ski resorts that few know much about.

Val d’Anniviers – Switzerland

Here you can experience a quiet valley, an extended ski area, well-known high mountains and beautiful traditional villages. It is quite close to the more popular Rhone Valley and is definitely not as well-known as the Valais neighbors like Verbier and Zermatt. There are 4 unspoiled small resorts you can stay at and recently there was a cable car connection established with Zinal and Grimentz. You basically get access to over 100 skiing kilometers that you can explore.

Most people will prefer the Zinal village, locally known as Imperial Crown. It features numerous great peaks like Weisshom, Matterhorn and Dent Blanche. Also think about Grimentz though, just 5 miles down.

Warth-Schrocken – Austria

Many say that the best hidden resorts in Europe are found here. Slopes are quiet, there are easy connections to the popular Arlberg ski area and you will surely love the local atmosphere. Although Arlberg is simply an icon, Warth is nothing to be shy about. We are talking about a traditional village that was established in the eighteenth century and that now offers highly affordable skiing experiences that are among the best in the world. There is even a brand new lift that is connecting Stuben with Zurs that you can take advantage of, giving you access to a total of 305 kilometers of slopes.

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Sainte Foy – France

In the past this skiing haven was only available for guides and instructors during their days off. Now we have access to Sainte Foy as it evolved into a really great skiing resort for those that are looking for a much quieter experience than the mega-resorts. The skiing area at Sainte Foy offers 4 lifts and off-piste is available. If you want to make the experience even more special, find a local guide. This allows you to find some skiing routes that only the locals know about.

Champoluc – Italy

The Alagna backcountry is revered by locals for a reason and in Champoluc you can experience the Italian charm everyone appreciates. Champoluc is overlooked as a skiing resort but you may want to change that since there are 180 kilometers available of perfectly groomed ski runs, all just 1 hour away from Turin. The entire area is ideal for those looking for intermediate ski slopes. Experts can also find a great challenge after riding Indren to various off-piste runs. To make matters even more interesting, Champoluc is really cheap. You will only have to pay $1.5 for a coffee.

Hochkoenig – Austria

With how popular Austria is among skiing enthusiasts from around the world, it should come as no surprise to see many hidden gems in the countries. Hochkoenig is a great destination for tree-lined skiing, great cruising, various villages, the characteristic Austrian atmosphere and the sweeping views. This is basically the highest of the Berchtesgaden Alps mountains, sharing its name with a ski resort located around 80 kilometers from Salzburg. What is particularly interesting is the 32 kilometer long Konigstour romp that takes skiers over 5 summits, with over 6,000 meters of downs and ups.

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Baqueira-Beret – Spain

Not all people want to go skiing in Austria and Europe has numerous hidden gems, some located in countries you would not expect, like Spain, where El Dorado reigns supreme. Baqueira-Beret offers great value accommodations, great food, culture, drinks and even royal connections. It is a Pyrenean pearl that was cherished by many Spanish skiers from around the world. This does include the royal family. Experience 150 km of skiing slopes and enjoy 35 lifts. The snow record is great due to Atlantic influence.

All the 6 resorts mentioned are hidden gems that Europe has to offer but there are various others that could be considered. What is your favorite European lesser-known ski resort?

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