Water Activities In Ko Samet, Thailand

Ko Samet is the perfect Thai island for a relaxing vacation however, those who are bored of sunbathing and swimming can try various fun water activities. From diving and snorkeling to kayaking and deep sea fishing, Ko Samet is perfect for all water sport fans.

Ko Samet Activities

Diving And Snorkeling In Ko Samet, Thailand

When it comes to diving and snorkeling, Ko Samet has something to offer to all tourists who want to discover the underwater world. Beginners can embark on various snorkeling adventures while more experienced divers can try night diving.

Those who want to snorkel should head over to the western coast and experienced divers should try the eastern coast. However, there are some sites for snorkeling on the eastern coast as well. The best time to go snorkeling and diving in Ko Samet is from October to February when the sea is clear and the visibility amazing. During the other months of the year the sea is darker and the visibility is not as good.

Divers will be able to discover numerous kinds of fish and sea animal species like whale sharks and sea turtles but also admire the wonderful coral reef. Porcupine pufferfish, manta rays barracudas, various types of ferns and corals are the most popular underwater discoveries of those who go snorkeling or diving in Ko Samet’s sites.

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Parasailing In Ko Samet

Those who prefer to stay above the water can try parasailing. This fun activity is quite relaxing and it is perfect for a break from other demanding activities. There are various operators on different beaches that provide tourists with the opportunity of parasailing but we highly recommend Sai Kaew Beach since this is the major center for parasailing on Ko Samet.

Kayaking And Canoeing In Ko Samet

Paddling on the water is the best way to discover Ko Samet. The picturesque coastline, the remote beaches and the calm waters are perfect for those who love kayaking and canoeing. The best time to go kayaking or canoeing in Ko Samet is during afternoon since you will get the change to admire the breathtaking sunset however, you have to be careful and stay close to the shore.

Jet Skiing In Ko Samet

There are numerous beaches in Ko Samet from where tourists can rent a jet ski to explore the coastline and warm waters of Ko Samet. Sai Kaew, Ao Vong Duen and Ao Phai are just some of these beaches but be sure you take a good look at your jet ski and take pictures of it before renting to avoid paying for unnecessary repair bills.

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Sailing And Windsurfing In Ko Samet

When it comes to windsurfing and sailing, you do not have to search too much for operators or people who can help you with the necessary equipment. Most resorts on the island have the equipment needed so all you have to do is ask. The strong currents situated north of Sai Kaew Beach are perfect for these activities.

Deep Sea Fishing In Ko Samet

Ko Samet is home to a diversity of fish species so joining a fisherman on his boat and trying deep sea fishing is perfect for those who want the opportunity to catch exotic fish, such as parrotfish, trevally, grouper, dorado and other fish species that live deep in the Ko Samet’s waters.

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