Waterfall Adventures In Ko Chang, Thailand

Ko Chang is a beautiful island that is different than all Thai islands since it offers different experiences to adventurous tourists. Most Thai islands are renowned for the fun beach activities but besides these, Ko Chang is a paradise for trekkers and hikers who love mountain scenery that leads to mesmerizing waterfalls. Tourists who want to discover the beautiful waterfalls on Ku Chang should be ready to embark on a trekking tour. The waterfalls can be visited year round but from July to October they look truly spectacular.

Ko Chang trekking

Khlong Plu

Khlong Plu is an accessible waterfall and also the most popular one amongst families who want to spend time with their kids swimming and having a good time. The trail that leads to the waterfall is only 600 meters long and Khlong Plu waterfall is an impressive waterfall that fascinates children and adults alike.

Khlong Neung

If you do not travel with kids, you should visit Khlong Neung, the tallest waterfall on Ko Chang. The hike towards the waterfall is not very easy and you should be ready to get wet in your attempt to reach the waterfall. Your effort will be rewarded when arriving at Khlong Neung that creates a breathtaking sight. Also, if you prefer remote places that are not crowded, this is the Ko Chung waterfall you should definitely visit.

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Keeree Phet

Located close to Khlong Neung, Keeree Phet is another waterfall surrounded by a serene jungle atmosphere. Keeree Phet is also great for birders who want to discover the birdlife on Ko Chang. If you want to reach Keeree Phet you have to be prepared to deal with the same challenges you encounter while heading towards Khlong Neung since you have to follow the same path until a point. Also, be ready to hop some rocks when you are close to the waterfall.

Khlong Nonsi

The hike towards Khlong Nonsi is an easy hike, perfect for both beginner and experienced hikers. The waterfall is not particularly spectacular during the dry season but the walk through the forest, the silence surrounding the waterfall and being close to nature are some good reasons to visit it anyway.

Nang Yom

The scenic hike towards Nang Yom is something you shouldn’t miss if you spend some time on Ko Chang. The charming rugged trail is perfect for exploration and the mountain pools you will encounter are perfect to cool off. You will also discover delightful wooden houses and you will be able to admire a stone bridge built over a mountain stream. The path to Nang Yom is definitely a path you will enjoy since it will make you feel part of a different world, a world that is calm and silent.

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Than Mayom

Than Mayom is situated in the island’s national park and even though it is not very high it worth a visit since the lower sections of the waterfall create some beautiful clear pools of water surrounded by rock walls. And, if you paid the national park fee, you can find other places to discover and explore while enjoying nature. Than Mayom is another waterfall you can visit with your children, but you should know that the place can be pretty crowded during weekends since the national park is considered a must for most of the island’s visitors.

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