What To Do In Key West Florida if You’re Feeling Blue

It’s a tough time for many people out there, with bills, responsibilities, and coming up short on all ends. However, one of the things you can always count on to reset all your gloom is an island vacation. Rumor has it that salt and seawater have calming properties to help you get back in touch with your center. And if you are looking for an island getaway, look no further than Key West, Florida.

Key West, Florida, is the southernmost city in the USA. Like most islands, it has deep Afro-Caribbean and Spanish influences. It’s a melting pot of cultures with delectable cuisines, rich history, and just about the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see. Take a drive from Miami and get started on your island exploration.

How to Get to Keywest

The best way into Key West is through Miami. The calming blue waters and clear landscape are the right beginnings to a relaxing getaway.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Key West

The best time to visit Key West is from March to May. The secret is checking in early during the March to May season to take advantage of hotel prices. The rates increase as more people come in for that mild island sunshine.

March temperatures are a bit chilly, but they pick up as you go into April. Speaking of April, it’s also the best month to catch some of the hottest events.

Taste of Key West is an annual food fest that brings together eateries to celebrate the culinary diversity of the island. Indulge your taste buds with the island favorite, conch ceviche, wines from Naples, chef specials, and an assortment of craft beers. 

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If you’re staying until May, mellow out to island tunes courtesy ofAfro Roots Music Festival. You haven’t experienced peak island joy until your ears are blessed with Afro-Caribbean instrumentals and Spanish melodies.

The 7-Mile Bridge Run is a perfect opportunity to blend in with the people and other tourists. The annual event has been part of Key West’s attractions since 1982.

The Highlights of Your Key West Trip

Day Walk Through Duval Street.

Take in the sights of Key West as you get acquainted with the stylish architecture and the people. You can stop by the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory and talk in some of nature’s most vibrant colors.

Other popular places to stretch your legs include Key West Historic Seaport and Harbor Walk, and Mallory Square. Mallory Square boasts majestic old buildings and clean Cabro-lined streets.

 Explore the Key West Aquarium that’s teeming with marine life. Don’t leave without getting your souvenir photo of you touching a live juvenile nurse shark.

Catch Your Own Fish

Whatever you do, do not leave Key West without the thrill of catching your own fish.

Sailfish season is one of the most adrenaline-pumping times in the Key West calendar. There are fishing charters that allow you to join them as they race down waves to catch some elusive sailfish.

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There are different fishing charters, and you can get away with big catches at each.

  • Wreck Fishing Charter, where you can reel in big catches from as deep as 300 feet near shipwrecks
  • Reef Fishing Charter at the only surviving reef in North America and the world’s third-largest. Given the fish diversity, you can set your record and add it to the 1000 IGFA records.
  • Shark Fishing Charter, where you have the chance to snag fish as heavy as 200lbs up to 1000lbs. Heck, you might even catch the super rare, lightning-fast shark, Shortfin Mako.
  • Tarpon Fishing Charter. If you’re up for a challenge, March to May are peak months for Tarpon fishing.
  • Offshore Charter. Are you looking for a Mahi Mahi or a Barracuda to pin over your fireplace? May is the beginning of prime time to do some offshore fishing.

These charters are private, and you can even make it a family memory since they allow adults AND kids on the boat.

Buy Fresh Seafood

The most exquisite seafood will come from islands. Go to a local seafood market and select prime seafood handled by professionals. The seafood selection will have you relieving that moment months after your trip.

We’re talking crabfish, king mackerel, grouper, and lobster. You can even have a quick bite with fresh dip as you wait for your fresh seafood to get cleaned.

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I’m not one to make bets, but it sounds like the Lobster Roll is a winner.

Winding Down Your Key West Tour

You’re not leaving before you take one of Key West’s most exhilarating experiences, the seaplane. A seaplane ride offers you the best views over the Tortugas National Park. This pentagon-shaped park rests smack dab in the middle of seven reef islands.

Each of the surrounding islands is an opportunity to step back in history. The underwater reefs are prime areas for snorkeling. You’ll be under the watchful eye of experienced trainers that can guide in snorkeling and marine wildlife. You’ll be thirsty for a drink by the time you leave.

Make your last moments memorable. Key West has some of the most breathtaking sunsets. You can catch them as you down drinks from any of the public squares. Public drinking is legal as long as you have the drink in a plastic drinking cup. Also, avoid causing public disturbance as you drink. An arrest is the last thing you want during your vacation.

Final Thoughts

Island destinations rank high on many people’s bucket list. The sights, sounds and cultural diversity of island destinations offer a fun and relaxing mind reset. You don’t have to fly off to a different continent for the luxury of a island vacation. Key West, Florida is the perfect place to take a breather.

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