How difficult is the Blue Nile River rafting journey?

Rafting has become a very popular sport in the last couple of years due to the adventurous sights people are exploring, the wildlife and the nature that they get to discover and finally the adrenaline that the whole experience offers. There are many trips, trails, rivers and sights to explore and experiment, but one of the most popular experience is the one offered by the Blue Nile River rafting trips.

What’s Great About This Location?

blue nile river rafting

This is an incredible place that has been conserved in the last hundred years by people who love nature and wildlife. If we were to search for the location geographically, the trips start near Bahir Dar in Ethiopia. Basically, it follows the river’s course and reaches Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s considered to be a spectacular ride filled with animals and incredible wildlife.

How Difficult Is It?

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One of the most common things that some adventure seeking people forget to ask themselves is if they are prepared for such an experience. When it comes to the Blue Nile river rafting, the level of difficulty is somewhere between beginner and advanced making this particular ride to be going up to a class V type of ride. So, this can be taken up by the ones that do have so much experience with river rafting.

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People can choose from a variety of activities from exciting four day trips rafting down the river to a gentle float trip that can display the beauty of the Blue Nile. This is really up to the individual and the type of experience he or she desires.

Bird Watching

Bird watchers from all over the world come to see this unbelievable wildlife with species that vary from the great cormorant to the giant kingfisher and many others. Bird watchers have noted that they have come across lesser black-backed gulls and even green bee-eater. These are just a few of the examples that can be encountered here as the locals and the specialized guides can surely point out to the creatures that are haven’t been so popularized.

When Should You Go?

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Given the fact that Mother Nature is a bit unpredictable in that particular area, the perfect time to actually have this trips is somewhere between November and February. This means that all the services provided by the companies there are available only during this particular season.

Be Prepared!

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One last piece of advice here is to always be prepared when going on such an adventure because the wildlife is not to be played with. The specialized guides talk about having a basic type of equipment that especially needs to include waterproof clothes. Of course, you will be given all the things you will need there when it comes to the trip itself (the boat, the pedals, a helmet), but you need to be prepared with your own stuff, given the fact that you are the one that knows your needs.

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You should go for it! We sit in an office 8 hours a day and we dream about how great it would be if we got away…well this is a great way to evade the city and do something incredible for you!

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