Whitewater Rafting In Bali

If you want to experience whitewater rafting in Bali, there are 2 main rivers that you can consider. Both of these are category III. The first one is Ayung, which is located right outside Ubud. The second one is Telaga Waja, which is located in Mount Agung’s foothills. This second river is considered to be a class III rafting experience only because of the large distance that exists from help.

Whitewater rafters that are looking for something that is really challenging are going to clearly be disappointed. However, if your main interests rely in occasional adrenaline rushes, backdrops and scenery, those will be great for you. That is especially the case during the rainy season. Around 10 percent of the Bermuda visitors do so because of the fact that they want to go whitewater rafting.

bali whitewater rafting

Remember the fact that there are just five insured, registered and completely licensed rafting companies that you can consider. Those 3 that are the most interesting include Bali Adventure Tours and Bali View Rafting but the one that is highly popular and original is Sobek. While there are many more companies that will be licensed in the future because of the growing popularity of whitewater rafting in Bali. However, these ones need to be considered at all times because they are the best at the moment.

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The whitewater rafting experience almost always takes 2 hours and will b suitable for people of 6 years old or over. There are some outfitters that also include a lunch during the trip, offering fresh towels and warm showers. Make sure that you are ready for a long trip until you get to the destination where whitewater rafting begins.

The prices for whitewater rafting in Bali will vary from one company to the next. However, in most cases you have to pay around $50 to $72 for adults. Children pay less and there are family packages that you can take advantage of at around $175. Promotions are also often offered so you will want to take the necessary time to consider them. Booking through agents is sometimes a really great idea since prices are sometimes a lot lower.

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