Interesting Stockholm, Sweden Outdoor Activities You May Want To Consider

Stockholm, Sweden is a wonderful destination for every single nature lover out there. We are talking about the very first city in the continent that received EU’s European Green Title award back in 2010. Basically, nature is all around you so you can expect so many wonderful outdoor activities. Make sure that you plan a longer trip or you will want to come back. There are so many interesting options that you can take into account, including more than what is presented below.

When Should You Visit Stockholm?

There are outdoor activities in Stockholm all around the year. June and May are great when you want low precipitations and milder temperatures. It is generally recommended as the best time to visit. However, both autumn and winter are great if you are a nature lover. For instance, during winter lakes and a part of the Baltic Sea freeze.

Water Activities

One thing that many do not know is that Stockholm was built over 14 islands. Sailors and paddlers thus simply love it. Kayak renting is always possible, with the paddle tour of Kungsholmen being highly recommended. Swimming during summer is great in Tanto and if you mainly enjoy sea kayaking, there are 30,000 islands that you can embrace. However, if planning your own trip as opposed to hiring a guide, you should check local regulations.

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National Parks And National Areas

If you are interested in the areas around Stockholm, you should know that there are numerous reserves that you can consider. Public transportation links Tyresta National Park so this is a common choice among tourists. It is a really good option when looking for a day trip and overnighters can enjoy camping areas. Bird watching is the preferred activity here but there are also people enjoying mountain biking and spotting for moose.

If interested in a more challenging hike, check out the Sormland trail. It has a length of 1000 kilometers and is divided in almost 100 sections. It is accessible with ease from Stockholm.

Snow And Ice Activities

As already mentioned, winter is a great time to visit Stockholm because many lakes become ice while snow is covering the city and nature areas. You will see people that are ice skating on the sea or skiing in parks. Also, long distance ice skating is very popular in the country so you can expect a great experience for longer ice and snow trips. No matter what you consider, be sure that you enjoy a great sauna. Being in one while surrounded by snow is a treat.

Rock Climbing

Stockholm rock climbing is very popular. While you will not have crags that can be considered as being true world class, you can find rock all around you. Most rock climbing routes are 6 and 7 grades but options are available for all people. Much trad climbing is available and interesting bolted routes have to be considered by enthusiasts.

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Visit During Outdoor Events

There are various different outdoor events that are hosted by Stockholm. This includes Reel Rock, LaSportiva Legends, Stockholm Marathon, Viking Race and Bannf Festival. When you plan your visit try to arrange the dates so that you visit during one of the festivals. Even the local pubs are better and you can take advantage of the fact that subways work during weekend nights.

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