Honeymoon Holidays – 10 Cost Cutting Tips!

Honeymoons are expensive, we all know that, but there are some key areas where we can cut costs! What about a mini-moon for example? Basically this is cutting the number of nights which, in turn, will cut the cost of the holiday. This will allow you to reduce your time, but not compromise the quality of your holiday. Or what about something like an all-inclusive holiday? This could also be an option.


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Another fantastic possibility to think about is going for a combination package – basically this means that you combine your wedding and honeymoon destination into one. You may not have as many of your friends and family that you would like, but hey, cost is a big factor!


10 Cost Cutting Tips!


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1. Everyone loves a good wedding, a special occasion, such as a wedding! But don’t forget to tell the travel agent when you are booking your honeymoon! It’s amazing how many extras can be added FOC. The best thing about it, all it takes is a little hint dropping – simple! But the rewards can be significant! Also, remember that travel agents are flexible, so you better get your best haggling skills out!

2. Use the power of a wedding list to cut the cost! Instead of asking for towels, bed lined and the usual things on the wedding list, why not just ask for honeymoon vouchers? All that you need to do is tell the guests where to purchase them and viola! This can and usually does contribute to a significant figure against the final honeymoon bill, it’s seriously worth considering.

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3. Duty free is your friend! If you are traveling then don’t forget to pick up champagne from the duty free! I presume that you and your new spouse will be having a glass of bubbly of two. Champagne is a lavish expense, don’t get caught out – buy it in the duty free!

4. With the recession in full swing, there is a considerable trend towards honeymooners booking late! For the tour operator, this is not so great, for the consumer; well it’s a different story! This actually works out quite well for the consumer. Tour operators need the bookings, they thrive on bookings and if there are not enough bookings, the economic viability of a flight/package holiday dwindles. The strategy is risky, but you can find some drop price deals if you just bide your time.

5. Exchange rates! Do a little research and see where you are getting the most value for your money, what about going outside the Eurozone for example. Don’t get me wrong, you may not exactly save money, but you will certainly get more for the money in your pocket!

6. As I mentioned at the beginning, what about an all-inclusive deal? You simply turn up, drink, eat and enjoy yourself, no bills, no worries! There are a range of stunning hotels all over the world who offer some fantastic deals. The best part about all inclusive deals is that not only food and drink, you can also have spa days, water sports, cookery lesson packages and a whole lot more.

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7. Midweek bookings are another option for you, often midweek short deals or as mentioned the mini-moon holidays work out at fantastic value. Sure your trip will be a little shorter, but at least you will not need to compromise on the quality of your experience.

8. Booking your honeymoon off season. Typically the UK’s wedding season runs from May to September, so why not go for an early October wedding? Some of the more tropical climates typically maintain temperatures all year round – the Caribbean for example!

9. Say in the UK? Why not stay in the UK for your honeymoon? There are some absolutely amazing destinations around the UK for example Cornwall. Cornwall is home to some awe inspiring scenery and it certainly has its fair share of beautiful weather.

10. Why not do something a little different, what about an African Safari holiday, or a tour of the Australian bush? Often being a little imaginative and dong something out of the norm works out to be a lot cheaper than the typical “honeymoon holiday”

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