Whitewater Rafting In Victoria Falls

Whitewater rafting in Victoria Falls is definitely special. There are so many interesting rapids that can be experienced and you will definitely appreciate the fact that this activity has been around ever since the early eighties. Adrenaline seekers from all around the world travel to Victoria Falls, this being a statement that we are sure to be faced with quality.

There are rafting trips that run from both Zambian and Zimbabwean sides, with various highly professional operators to choose from. What is interesting and draws in such a high crowd is the fact that every single year is different. That happens as the water levels tend to vary yearly because of the amount of rainfall that appears. Do make sure that you learn about the current conditions so you do not have surprises.

Low Water Trips

Low Water white water rafting victoria falls

Low water trips usually run between August and late December. The experience starts at Rapid 1 and can go up to Rapid 19. Most of the operators that offer low water trips will pick you up at your hotel early in the morning and then take you to the start location, with a safety session starting. Life jackets are often given to you together with paddles and a helmet. Initial descents are steep gradient and can be tough if you are not fit.

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High Water Trips

high Water white water rafting victoria falls

Such trips usually run between May to July and January to March. The first 10 rapids will not be included because of the fact that they are not safe for such an experience. Rapids 11 to 23 are normally considered, offering a shorter whitewater rafting trip but definitely one that is great. Unfortunately, payments are similar to that for the full day, but you will not be bothered too much by this. Also, the excitement is a little lower so you want to visit between August and December if you want to have the most excitement. Thrill levels are going to be higher when opting for low water trips.

Raft Types In Victoria Falls

There are basically 2 raft types: paddle boats and oar boats. The oar boats have a frame made out of aluminum that is mounted at the back or in the middle of a whitewater raft. The oarsman guides you and controls your raft through rapids. You just have to try to hang on while the large waves will hit you.

Paddle boats do not include the aluminum frame. You need to paddle your raft while taking into account the instructions that are offered by the guide. He will tell you what you have to do. Paddle boats keep you more involved and you will need to be fitter.

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As you can easily notice, Victoria Falls brings in great whitewater rafting opportunities for both those that have high fitness levels and those that did not do much whitewater rafting in the past.

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