3 Unusual Activities To Do While On a Nantucket Vacation

Nantucket is a beautiful island off the coast of Massachusetts. It is a cozy destination with tons of vacation activities. The island is perfect for anyone looking for interesting places to visit, alone, as a couple or even with your whole family.

It has a rich culture, dating back to the whale hunting days. The island also has noteworthy architecture and activities for all age groups; you cannot get bored in Nantucket!


The island is a hot summer vacation spot, so you might have trouble finding affordable accommodation. Renting a vacation home on the island is the best accommodation option. You can get a house for yourself or the whole family. There are also timeshare options where you get to share the house with other vacationers.

Renting a house gives you more freedom and your own space. The houses don’t get as crowded as most hotels, and you don’t need to pay as much. They are beautiful and most are located near the town center, giving you access to any pastime.


Most people go to Nantucket to experience an authentic Nantucket summer. Some of the activities to do on the island include whale watching. You get to see some of the majestic whales gracing the Nantucket shores, giving you a glimpse of the island’s whaling history.

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You can also visit the numerous beaches for family fun activities, such as swimming and surfing.

The island is also a chock-full of authentic and beautiful restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine.

Moreover, you can take a walk, bike on the trails surrounding the island, or enjoy your day at the park.

Here are other fascinating activities you can indulge in:

1.   Ice Skating in the Summertime

Did you know you can go ice skating even during summer? Nantucket Ice is an ice skating facility that offers skating all year round. It is a non-profit facility with a pro shop and a restaurant.

Some of the things you can do at the ice rink include:

●     Take Skating Lessons

The rink offers an exciting time for everyone, even ice skating lessons for those looking to learn a new skill. Those new to skating can learn fundamentals like forward and backward gliding, stopping, and turning. You can even learn how to jump and spin for beginners.

Advanced courses offer lessons on difficult jumps and spins, and turning patterns. There are also synchronized skating lessons for those who want to work on their craft.

●     Ice Hockey

Get a bit of a workout by playing ice hockey at the rink. Nantucket Ice has multiple hockey programs. You can join the Youth and Adult hockey teams or the open hockey sessions. They also have men’s and women’s leagues.

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Other activities you can enjoy at the Nantucket Ice rink include family skating activities and public skating.

You don’t need to own skating gear; the rink offers skate rentals. Thus all you need to do is avail yourself.

After having some fun, you can pass by the pro shop and pick up souvenirs to remind you of your time on the island. You can also visit the restaurant to dine and unwind.

Note that you need to book a slot to the Nantucket Ice in advance as the rink is always full. Also, get there early to rent your gear before they run out.

2.   Visiting the Atheneum

A book lover’s heaven, the Nantucket Atheneum is the best place to go for a relaxing afternoon. This beautiful building holds some of the best literature collections available. It also has art housing books, science books, newspapers, and periodicals.

The library has more than 1.6 million books, DVDs, and digital reads; the perfect place to learn about Nantucket’s rich history. It is also an architectural dream, with the beautiful structure being around since 1827.

If you get tired of sitting inside the library you can take a stroll in the lovely library gardens. The beautiful gardens have an old-style feel with some influence of more modern garden structures.

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Put your worries aside and sit in the gardens and meditate. There really is no better way to enjoy a calming day than to be surrounded by books and nature.

3.   Sailing at the Nantucket Harbor

Nantucket is famous for its Instagram-worthy beaches and beautiful shorelines. You can revel at the beauty of the sea by going on a cocktail cruise. Book a trip and relax with a cocktail or ice cream in hand.

The trip lets you enjoy some of the island’s most breathtaking views while unwinding with your friends and family. Take pictures of the beautiful scenery, listen to relaxing music, and let the waves carry you away.

You can book an individual ticket if you are alone to enjoy a trip around the harbor. There’s also a private trip for intimate cruises, an excellent idea for honeymooners.


Nantucket has plenty of interesting activities and picturesque views that will take your breath away.

Explore the town, learn ice skating, cool down at the Atheneum and it’s beautiful gardens, and relax with an evening cruise around the harbor.

The island is definitely the best place to spend those long summer days.

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