5 Hidden Australia Travel Destinations Few People Know About

Most travel packages take you to the headline travel spots of Australia. Many travellers are not interested in that. They want more. They want to see the hidden gems that few people get to experience. This is exactly what we are going to talk about right now. The following are wonderful Hidden gems in Australia that you should visit at least once.

Arnhem Land

Between the highly popular Kakadu National Park and the Carpentaria Gulf you can see Arnhem Land. This is a rugged region filled with rivers, billabongs, woodlands, escarpments and rainforest. The Yolngu people called Arnhem Land home for over fifty thousand years. You basically get access to a remote culture, together with scenery and wildlife that is preserved in a natural way.

The wildlife here is prolific. You can see so many great animals and the marine life is also outstanding. Murwangi is a suggested special place that you do want to visit, close to Arafura Swamp.

Norfolk Island

Around 2 hours away from Sydney or Brisbane by flight we find Norfolk Island. The coastline is 32 km long and has a huge history ranging back to Pitcairners. The locals are quite friendly and many visitors say that they are among the best and nicest people on the planet. Besides this, the vegetation is simply beautiful.

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If you travel to Norfolk Island you can explore many convict settlement ruins, learn about the Bounty mutiny, swim and even visit some jagged cliffs. You want to see Captain Cook Memorial and check out as much of the area as possible.

Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula is located in South Australia. The region is beautiful and you will quickly grow to love it. You want to spend around 4 days in the coastal region between Ceduna and Whyalla. This is a really special driving destination. For many locals the Eyre Peninsula is the best kept secret in the entire continent. It is not publicized or promoted as it should be but maybe this is for the best as it helps the peninsula maintain an air of uniqueness. It is not easy to find beach regions in Australia that are deserted and perfect for a loving couple to spend some time alone in paradise. This is what Eyre Peninsula offers.

Bay Of Fires

Bay Of Fires is a 50 kilometers coastline stretch between Binalong Bay and Eddystone Point. You can visit if you want to enjoy hiking through some pristine bushes, check out white beaches, sapphire seas, kayak the not so known Ansons River, enjoy some wild camping or try an eco-lodge travel experience. Launceston is 2 hours away. Bay Of Fires is highly underrated and under-visited. This is a shame. However, things are slowly changing. We do have a peak season between September and April so you do want to visit between November and February for a more unique experience.

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Wave Rock

Uluru may be seen as being the only supersized rock that Australia has but this is not actually the case. We also have Wave Rock close to Hyden to consider. It is located 4 hours away by car from the city of Perth. It covers 110 meters and is 15 meters high. This is a totally unique geological attraction. It is a 3 billion years old granite outcrop.

Wave Rock is definitely a hidden gem. It is actually really well-covered by signs and walking trails. You can go solo or you can go with a group. The choice is yours but the truth is the sight is something that is beautiful and visited by fewer people than you initially imagined.

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