5 incredible things to see in Botswana

By Vesi

When it comes to choosing a unique holiday destination, Botswana unfairly escapes the minds of many. But it’s certainly a worthy candidate for a different kind of adventure—and here are just five of the things you can expect to see if you choose to visit.

The native wildlife

One of Botswana’s undeniable attractions is its abundance of wildlife. It’s no secret that the country is rife with safari opportunities, with countless reserves, parks and plains to explore. The Kgaladali Transfrontier National Park is one such spot to discover, a sprawling part of Botswana that’s home to lions, cheetahs and leopards to name a few.

But expect to see a whole lot more in the way of wildlife, though—from elephants to hyenas, and from vultures to eagles, the opportunities to spot incredible, majestic animals throughout Botswana is second to none. Bring your camera, and find a safari camp or lodge that’s right for you to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Bushmen

Head to the Kalahari desert and you’ll be able to spend a day with the Bushmen, a large, traditional tribe removed completely from the modernisms of the outside world. Spending time with them is both a fascinating and humbling experience, as your eyes will be opened to a totally different way of life—yet it’s one with which its people are absolutely content.

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Tradition is key with the Bushmen, and as you spend a day with them you’ll be able to watch their “trance dance”, known as their healing dance with the power to enter a spiritual realm, witness their hunting and food-gathering methods, and watch as the women of the tribe create their traditional jewellery.

Be quick if you want to be able to witness these incredible humans in action, though. Their way of life is unfortunately being threatened by recent developments, so you’ll want to partake in the incredible experience sooner than later.

Kubu Island

It’s widely said to be the most beautiful part of Botswana, and it’s easy to see why—Kubu Island is a dry granite rock island, protected as a national monument because of its sheer natural beauty.

If you watch Top Gear, you may recognise the location as Jeremy Clarkson remarked it was “the most astonishing place [he’s] ever been”. It only makes sense that you go and discover it yourself.

The Tsodilo Hills

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tsodilo Hills are where you’ll find an unmatched concentration of rock art, believed to be from the Bushmen centuries ago. The art upon the walls of the caves and rocks here in the hills is fascinating in that so much history and culture is held within them, a perfect showcase of some of Botswana’s heritage.

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Not only will you find manmade art here, but there’s plenty of natural beauty to be explored, too. Rock formations, caves and overhangs are just some of the incredible sights you’ll come across in the Tsodilo Hills.

The Okavango Delta

Said to be “the closest thing to Eden left on earth”, the Okavango Delta is an absolutely sprawling part of Botswana, with a river flowing through it amongst a plethora of wildlife. Unlike any other delta in the world, where water flows toward the sea, the Okavango Delta spills out upon the Kalahari sands.

So, its uniqueness is already evident—but there’s more of it throughout the region. With nearly a thousand different species of animal here to discover, with an unparalleled number of different birds being a standout, alongside a huge diversity in terms of nature and terrain, it certainly makes for one of the world’s most unique escapes.

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