6 Hot Adventure Activities You Can Enjoy In South India

South India is mainly visited by people looking to visit natural attractions, temples or enjoy festivals and cultural activities but there is so much more that can be enjoyed, including activities that get your blood pumping. If you are the kind that is looking for adventure activities and you plan a trip to South India, consider the following adrenaline filled activities.

Bamboo Rafting

You basically go through really dense forest, spotting exotic birds and animals, all while on a special bamboo raft. This adventure activity waits for you in Kerala and Thekkady as top destinations. Thekkady is recommended since it can be a perfect base for an adrenaline tour including boating, trekking and hiking. If you instead want to raft on hard rubber rafts, consider Karnataka and Coorg. The river that you want to be on is Barapole between the months of September and November but this means you cannot enjoy jungling.

Banana Boating

You surely already figured out what this is all about. You travel on a boat designed to look like a banana that is attached to a regular boat. You are pulled fast, lashing through waves. Riding boats try to tip the banana boat. This is why you wear life jackets and waters where this activity is present are not deep. An adrenaline rush will be guaranteed. The top destinations to consider for banana boating are Goa and Gokarna.

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Night Jungle Patrolling

In Thekkady you can find numerous dense forest areas with really long lakes. A night jungle patrol is something to consider there as you travel with 4 friends through a tiger reserve jungle during the night. Keep in mind that a night jungle trip is just for those that have strong nerves. You will not find it in other parts of South India and is a delight because of how different everything is, with brand new dangers popping up than what you are expecting during day visits. Visit between September and March.

Lion Safari

In Thrivandrum, Kerala, near the Neyyar Dam you can visit a special wildlife sanctuary. It allows you to enjoy a really great lion safari. Various lions can be seen here and there is also a large crocodile farm that is close-by. Consider that too for a perfect wildlife encounter all year long.


South India is actually renowned for paragliding among enthusiasts because of the numerous places where the activity can be enjoyed. Locals will tell you that Yelagiri is the best destination to consider. This is not just because of paragliding. From here you can enjoy different other adventure activities like trekking, wildlife camping and bike riding. If you do not like Yelagiri, the second best South India destination for paragliding is Kerala.

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Numerous adventure travel enthusiasts visit Gokarna because of all that it offers, including great parasailing. Hardcore adrenaline rush waits for you as you get tied to the boat with a parachute on and you feel how it would be like if we could fly. Om Beach is the best parasailing location in Gokarna to take into account, with the best season being between October and February.

Final Thoughts

Besides the options mentioned above, if you want an adventure destination in South India that offers as much as possible, be sure to consider Nicobar Island and Andaman for scuba diving, kayaking, boating, snorkeling and surfing. Kerala is great for flying fox, boating, paragliding and rafting while Karnataka offers parasailing, surfing, banana boating and bungee jumping. Visit during top seasons since this is when adventure activities are properly organized and wildly available. If you visit off season, do your research ahead of time as not all operators will be present.

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