6 Adventure Activities You Can Enjoy In Delhi

Delhi is basically filled with people looking for adventure, ranging from locals to tourists. Adventure sports are much more popular than what you may think, making Delhi literally filled with numerous adventure camps. If you want to feel more adrenaline during your Delhi vacation, check out the following wonderful options.

Rock Climbing

You can enjoy rock climbing in Camp Wild, Dhauj so that you can scale the Aravalli Mountains. It is something you will love thanks to the various stunning views available, being really great for a weekend getaway. Prices are also quite lower than expected.


In case you do not know what zorbing is, check out this article. In Delhi you can enjoy the activity, being inside inflated balloons that will speed down hilly terrains. You end up hitting bumps as you bounce and roll, making the way in which you see going downhill with a totally different eye. Camp Wild is also highly recommended for this adrenaline activity.

Cliff Jumping

Rafting in Rishikesh is quite an interesting activity but when you jump from a height of around 40 feet only to land in ice-cold water you will feel something totally different. Cliff jumping is basically a much easier way to enjoy the adrenaline of base jumping, offering chills as you reach the water. The activity is adventurous and fun, all at the exact same time, offering a very interesting long lasting memory.

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Check this out as you take a trip right around hot destinations like Guargaon, Sohna and Jim Corbett. You will be in a paramotor with Air Safari guaranteeing that you are going to find a truly wonderful flight. Every single person is going to feel mesmerized by the majestic scenic beauty after you are airborne.

Bungee Jumping

Most locals will tell you that bungee jumping is the best option available when looking for an adrenaline filled experience. Taking this huge leap of faith is something that you are going to love, making you jump from a height of around 272 feet. The Rishikesh area is where you want to go for the very best possible experience. It is the highest possible bungee jumping location in India, an experience for thrill seekers that has to be tried at least once.

Kayaking And White-Water Rafting

This is quite a huge sport in the area and is gaining even higher popularity in the country. You can easily go for really high speeds or just go slow. Kayaking on the Ganges is definitely something you want to take into account if you are looking for a thrilling experience, with many tourists enjoying it all around the year.

Since you will most likely visit Rishikesh for kayaking, be sure that you also consider white-water rafting. The entire area is a popular destination for rafters ranging from beginners to professionals. There are different great guides that you can find and that will take you across a highly interesting scenic route, no matter what you choose.

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What Is Your Favorite Adventure Activity?

The recommendations above are not the only ones that can be taken into account for an adventure filled Delhi experience. You may know of something else you may love something else. Let us know and recommend your best experiences. You never know when you are going to change someone’s life with a simple recommendation.

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